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 Signs  &  Wonders

When Jesus ministered here on earth, it was said of him by Peter, how  "God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with Power, who went about doing good and healing all who were Oppressed of the Devil, for God was with Him" ( Acts 10:38). These good works of healing and delivering individuals from the power of Satan are termed by the Bible as "Signs and Wonders." Jesus quoted from Isaiah, when preaching in the Synagogue in Nazareth  (Isaiah 61:1-2), that "signs and wonders"  would be evident in His Ministry. This was certainly confirmed by the authors of the Gospels, that....

                                  "Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in the Synagogues, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing ALL manner of sicknesses and ALL manner of disease among the people. And His fame went throughout ALL Syria: and they brought to Him ALL the sick who were afflicted with various diseases and pains, and those who were oppressed by demons, epileptics and paralytics, and He healed them."

                                            "And Jesus went about the villages and towns, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people"  (Matthew 4:23 ; 9:35).

Acts of healing, though uncommon, were not unknown in Jesus' day. In  Jewish culture, godly and divinely inspired men were believed to have the power to perform miraculous cures (a few of these instances are recorded in Jewish Rabbinic writings). However, the accounts of Christ's healings are remarkable in several aspects. No one else was known to cure such a wide variety of afflictions, including blindness, paralysis, leprosy, deafness and dumbness, maimed body parts, in which Jesus supplied lost body parts, as such "creation" is an astounding miracle. Moreover, Christ brought back  people from the dead... such miracles of "raising the dead," were truly wonders, and miracles that could not be duplicated by others unless they were also genuine believers in Christ.

These signs and wonders confirmed Christ's status with God and calling (Acts 2:22). Nicodemus admitted that he and other Jewish Elders "know that you are a teacher sent from God; for no one can do these Signs that you do, unless God is with him" ( John 3:2).


When Jesus commissioned the Twelve Disciples, He gave them similar power (Luke 9:1) and commanded them to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick. Luke records that "they departed,..preaching the Gospel, and healing everywhere" (verse 2).

< " Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority to cast out demons and to heal all diseases" (Luke 9:1). Jesus also commissioned 70 others and gave them the same power and authority; so it is seen that casting out evil spirits and healing the sick was not exclusive unto the Twelve. Indeed, the Seventy came back and told Christ that even the evil spirits were subject unto them in His Name. Is healing the sick and deliverance  from  oppression  part  and parcel in Preaching the Gospel ?

                                                                                                             Jesus also commissioned the Seventy (Luke 10:1), and gave them again similar power and authority. However, Jesus commissioned these Seventy a little differentlyHe REVERSED the order of ministry with them, by telling them to "heal the sick... and announce that the Kingdom of God is approaching you." Hence, healing the sick and preaching the Gospel, GO HAND IN HAND with a divine commission to preach the Gospel !   At His Ascension, Jesus told the 500 there (1 Cor. 15:6) to wait in Jerusalem for His Promise to send the Holy Spirit upon them, whereupon they would be equipped with power from on high (Luke 24:49). The Book of Acts, the second chapter, records this outpouring upon 120 believers.  This "full" Gospel continued to be in evidence by the Apostles and believers throughout the Book of Acts. Some examples of this are listed below :

"And...many wonders and signs were done by the Apostles"  (Acts 2:43b).

" ...stretching forth your Hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the Name of your holy servant Jesus"  (Acts 4:30). 

"And by the hands of the Apostles were many signs and wonders done among the people"  ( Acts 5:12).  

Philip who was an Evangelist, also performed signs and wonders in his evangelization of Samaria.

"Philip went to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them. And the crowds were eager to hear his message and see the miraculous signs  he did. For many evil spirits were cast out, screaming as they  left their victims. And many who had been paralyzed or maimed were healed"  (Acts 8:5-7 NLT).

The same signs and wonders were done by Paul and Barnabas in the city of Iconium (Acts 14:3). Paul told the Roman church that by mighty signs and wonders through the Holy Spirit of God, that he had FULLY preached the Gospel   (Rom. 15:19 KJV) throughout his ministerial travels throughout the mid-eastern Roman Empire. 

Indeed, the scripture reading in the Gospel of Mark reveals that this power to FULLY preach the Gospel to available to ALL believers:

"And these signs shall follow them THAT believe; In my Name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak with new tongues....they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover "  (Mark 16:17, 18b). 

Thus, according to New Testament record, this is the pattern of the preaching of the FULL and GENUINE Gospel.

 < Unlike Philip's simple evangelistic preaching of the Gospel, today's mass evangelism uses Madison Avenue advertising, targets special groups, is  very well financed, and engages in sensationalism identical to circus acts and freak shows. Here Billy Graham claims "sin-smashing" success... states that his meetings are a "Revival," and that it is the "greatest" ever in Los Angeles. Graham claims that 160,000 have heard him with 5000 "conversions"  in this 1949 "Crusade."                        

Compare this to the "crusade" that Philip had in Acts 8. There, Philip evangelized by: the Preaching of the Gospel with "signs following," which resulted in many miracles and healings being done as evil spirits were cast out of many and many who were lame and paralytic were cured. No, Philip did not need slick ad campaigns and extravagant claims, as the city of Samaria was filled "with great joy" at the preaching of Philip.


                                                           Which Gospel would you rather hear if you had a choice today ? 


What Happened to the "Full" Gospel ?

   What Happened to the "Full" Gospel ? 

The Apostle Paul and his apostolic contemporaries all predicted a demise and departure from the truth and power of the First Century Gospel. Indeed, Paul told the Ephesian Church that after his departure, there would be "grievous wolves that SHALL enter in among you, not sparing the flock...men shall arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after  them. Therefore, watch and remember, that for three years I ceased not to warn you  every night and day with tears" (Acts 20:29-31).

The Apostle Paul. He warned the Ephesian Church of an approaching Apostasy from the truths and power of the First Century Church. He also had warned the Thessalonian Church along the same lines. The Thessalonians thought that the Resurrection and Return of Christ was about to happen.  Paul had to explain otherwise (2 Thessalonians 2), and that there would be first, a Great Falling Away, and the implication was that this was what was  impending. Peter, in his second general epistle,  predicted the same phenomenon ( 2 Peter 2:1-3), with  such force that he thought the Apostasy was quite imminent. And   Jude in his epistle, uses very nearly the same language as Peter in confirming the prophecy of Apostasy from the First Century Church.  However, Jude writes that this is already happening as "certain men have crept in unnoticed" (NKJV); "some people have infiltrated our ranks" (The Message) in teaching differently  from the Original Gospel (Jude 3-4). Jude and Peter apparently had compared notes on this wise and warned their respective constituencies with Peter warning of coming False Teachers, with Jude following up with then current events, that the false teachers had indeed, ALREADY arrived. Even John the Presbyter, a generation later,  speaks of the Spirit of AntiChrist , "that is already at work"  ( 2 John 7-10). 

The Elders:  Vanguard of the Apostasy

 The Elders:  Vanguard of the Apostasy

After Paul's departure to Jerusalem and eventually to Rome, the Apostle John came to Ephesus to strengthen the brethren and to depart from the judgments about to set on Jerusalem as predicted by Christ. The Church of Ephesus was, perhaps, the largest church that Paul founded on his missionary journeys.  But in the Apostle John's so-doing, a group of disciples attached themselves to John for influence' sake, just as Paul said.  After John's decease, these  men claimed John's  bishopric  and claimed that they were the Apostle John's protegees  and  called  themselves" the Elders."  They  assumed  power  and  authority over the Ephesian Church  (The Interpreter's Bible Dictionary, Volume 2, pgs. 944, 950-1; The Interpreter's Bible Commentary, Vol. 12, p. 216; The Original New Testament, pgs.473-477; as an aside, this author , however, does not understand that the Apostle John was a Levite ).  "The Elders" also tried to extend their "authority" over other churches, as the account in the Third letter of John implies, as Diotrephes rejected John the Elder and his outfit from imposing their arbitrary "leadership." As a result, John the Elder hurled recriminations and accusations against Diotrephes while praising Demetrius, who was a spy in that fellowship for the Elder and giving "reports." (More on Diotrephes in my expanded "Perspectives in Prophecy" Page in the future).  These "Elders" were the first Vanguard of the Apostasy of the Early Church and the Original, or First Century Gospel. Healings and miracles became less and less a staple, and as a result, many doctrinal and teaching divisions came into vogue... primarily, to draw away disciples, just as Paul predicted ! 

                                     Just after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, the Gospel proceeded from Jewish control to that of Gentile control and influence, as the Jewish Messianic remnants were scattered and had no central location as a sphere of influence. With this transfer, emphasis was no longer on "signs" such as healing the sick and miracles,  but  knowledge, sometimes referred to in the Bible as "wisdom"  ( 1 Corinthians 1:22). When the Emperor Constantine made Christianity the "State Religion," and abolished pagan worship, the Apostasy of the Gospel was made complete with it being syncretized with many pagan elements to make it palatable to the newly "converted" pagan Masses. With the union of Church and State, the Gospel had become an accessory to the State Power, and no longer had any vestige of supernatural power as the Original Gospel had. The Gospel accounts of healings and miracles were now mostly  interpreted as allergories.  Then followed for hundreds of years, what scholars and historians call the "Dark Ages."

                 Although the Age of the Renaissance, or also called the "Age of Enlightenment" coincided with the Protestant Reformation, there was only enough light to be shed on rescuing the teaching of the Gospel from the most obvious pagan elements.  About all the reformer Martin Luther and others could do, was to reveal  that the "Just shall live by Faith," instead of the systematic application of good works promoted as the means of salvation by the then Universal Church.  

The Water is Troubled : the Full Gospel Starts to Emerge Once Again...

 Full Gospel Starts to Emerge

Slowly, the Revelation that God can and will heal as part of the Message of the Gospel found adherents. One was the founder of the Quakers, George Fox. Fox had a significant healing ministry, one which preceded his evangelistic travels to America from his native England in the late 17th century. When he prayed for the sick, he practiced the "laying on of hands." His Journal contains records of many who were healed, and after his death a "Book of Miracles" was discovered which listed in detail 150 healings under his ministry. The "Shakers" under Mother Ann Lee, regularly reported healings through the Prayer of Faith and the laying on of hands. Several notable healing ministeries in Europe came into being in the mid-19th century. Blumhardt, Stockmayer, and a Dorothea Trudel became prominent in advocating that Healing was part of the Blood Atonement of Christ.

               In the United States, about the same time there arose a company of similar pioneers such as Phoebe Palmer, A.J. Gordon, and A.B. Simpson who practiced the Prayer of Faith and the laying on of hands. When the leader of the Dutch Reform Church in South Africa, the respected and saintly Andrew Murray received healing for a throat affliction, it changed the spiritual landscape somewhat.  Bolder individuals such as Mary Woodworth-Etter, and John Alexander Dowie amazed audiences with their faith and apparent gifts of healing. Dowie's well publicized healings and his exposure from the Chicago World Fair made him a national figure.

                 Finally, a quantum leap was made... the Pentecostal Revival began. People started to seek for more spiritual power to be greater witnesses for Christ. There were several luminaries that God raised up that heralded the ministry of healing as part and parcel of the preaching of the Gospel.

  < Most notable of the Healing Evangelists in the early 20th Century that the Pentecostal Revival produced was Smith Wigglesworth, left, and right, Dr. Charles Price. A more obscure figure that had unbelievable results in praying for the sick and the working of miracles was a Dutch immigrant to the United States known as Carl Henry (Hjersman), pictured lower right . His book, "Christ, the Great Physician" (lower left, a very rare book ), documents his  ministry in the late 1930's-40's

Content and excerpts from Henry's book are used for a college   credit course on faith healing by a major Pentecostal denomination.




Following the Pentecostal Ourpouring, a general lifting of the Holy Spirit became evident as men started to try to control the move of God into denominalized factions, there was again, some moving of the Holy Spirit and tent evangelists became the vogue in the late 1940's.  Individuals arose such as William Branham, Oral Roberts, Jack Cole, A.A. Allen and others to preach and practice what they called a "full" gospel. However, none of these men had the gifts nor the graces to have a positive impact as a Wigglesworth or Charles Price had. Indeed, many of these men went off the scene in ignominy, obscurity, or scandal in contrast to their early success.


< Tent Revivalist and Faith Healer, A.A. Allen. He ended up as the most dramatic of the healing evangelists. However, when the Holy Spirit began to lift off of this Phenomenon, and healings were not as sensational nor as frequent, the focus became that of expropriating money from the crowds. Marjoe Gortner tells of this and his association with Allen in his documentary, Marjoe. Right, a book by A.A. Allen espousing an early rendition of the now famous " Prosperity Gospel." Such gospels as the "Prosperity Gospel," became a substitute for the lack of power and Witness of the Holy Spirit. The "Prosperity Gospel" today has innumerable advocates, such as Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers and the whole TBN television network of  Paul and Jan Crouch. In 1971, Allen died in a hotel room in San Francisco, California. The Washington Post reported that he died from liver disease. An earlier drunk driving charge in 1956 suggests that Allen had issues with alcohol abuse. Allen's successor, Don Stewart, in his book, Only Believe, confirmed later that Allen died of alcoholism. 


 < Oral Roberts, was the most "successful" of the period healing evangelists. Being a 33* degree Freemason as Billy Graham, Roberts emulated Graham's methods. Again, as the Holy Spirit lifted off this healing phenomenon, Roberts founded a University as a way to stay in the limelight and started his own "prosperity gospel" which he termed the miracle of "seed-faith," to keep funds coming in. Later, Roberts fell into notoriety saying that "God would kill him" if donations did not come in the millions of dollars to save his "City of Faith" that "God told him to open" in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It later closed.

After this fiasco and the negative publicity it generated, Oral, now deceased, eased himself out of his ministry into retirement to play golf in Southern California, and installed his son, Richard, right, as successor. In late 2007, Richard has resigned from his position at Oral Roberts University amid allegations of financial malfeasance and the conduct of his wife, repeatedly seen and photographed with several young juvenile men in her company. There were also reports of a Billion U.S. dollars being funneled, or laundered, through Oral Roberts University accounts in the same time period. Those familiar with the connections of the "Rich Men" with Christianity, and in particular, Evangelical Christianity, know that this practice is not unusual in "Christian" ministries. Dr. John Coleman and Fritz Springmeier both document similar activities in their books and newsletters. Indeed, the Pope's own bank, the Vatican Bank, has a financial scandal practically every decade, usually over some swindle or again, money laundering, of illegal drug proceeds.                                 

Era of the Healing Evangelists Wanes into Sorcery

Era of the Healing Evangelists Wanes into Sorcery


The Holy Spirit started to lift off the Healing Ministries in the late 1950's. The era of the "Healing Evangelists" had commenced right after the Second World War. By the year 1967, what healing evangelists were left had become full-fledged sorcerors. They had been a mixture of spirit and error; flesh and spirit; but after the Holy Spirit lifted, they had become "angel of light" ministries ( 2 Corinthians 11:12-15) . The year 1967 was the year of the Six-Day War in Israel, in which the Israeli Defense Forces fulfilled Christ's Prophecy recorded by  Luke (21:24). As a consequence, the general " Call " to the Gentiles which started in the house of Cornelius (see Acts 10; approximately 41 A.D. according to Reese's Chronological Bible) was NOW over...  God is no longer exclusively  dealing with,  calling out,  or converting Gentile peoples as a distinct class. This is why the Gentile Church has been in serious decline the last 40 years and there has been none,  if any,  general moving of the Holy Spirit, which has resulted in grave moral decline  throughout the world. 


  <>Following the End of the Times of the Gentiles and the demise of the Healing Evangelists, the spotlight fell on a Kathryn Kuhlman, left. Kuhlman had attended some Angelus Temple meetings in Los Angeles,  and carefully studied the techniques of Aimee Semple McPherson. Later on, she adopted a similar order in her meetings and not only dressed like Aimee, but also adopted several of her  mannerisms. Unlike the Healing Evangelists, she did not claim any spiritual gifts such as the  gift of faith, or healing, or miracles. Indeed, she seldom laid "hands on the sick." The only time she did regularly lay hands on someone was when they had already been "healed." Upon doing this, subjects frequently "fell under the power" of the Holy Spirit. This was not a new phenomenon and had been a feature of the Pentecostal Revival and before, notably with Mary Woodworth-Etter. Kuhlman would claim that the Holy Spirit was doing the healings and would call out ailments and afflictions (this is called by psychologists, "psychomatic healings" ) that she was prompted by the Spirit throughout the audience. Unlike the Healing Evangelists, she laid no emphasis on faith or Gospel accounts of healing to build up the faith of her listeners. This was highly unusual...thus, more often than not,  her "healings" or manifestations (..."falling under the Power"...)  were received by athiests, agnostics, spiritualists, Eastern religionists, and not upon Christians or people professing faith for healing. Unfortunately for Kuhlman,  a Christian doctor named William Nolen did some critical research of her meetings and wrote a book, "In Search of a Miracle." Nolen could not find ONE medically documented healing by Kuhlman. She died in the mid-1970's, a  wealthy woman with a private art collection. Interestingly enough, an associate of Oral Roberts received the financial assets of her estate.


Following in Kuhlman's steps about a decade later, was a Benny Hinn. Hinn was an aspiring student of  Kuhlman and "Sister Aimee." Indeed,  Hinn said that he would frequently visit the grave sites of both McPherson and Kuhlman (shown, right). There, he would commune with them, and would receive, according to Hinn, their "Anointing." As a result, Hinn developed a near identical ministry to that of Kuhlman. He would also claim NO gift, nor emphasize or preach on faith. The same manifestations appeared in his meetings, like Kuhlman's, as he would announce that the Holy Spirit was ministering to certain ailments and afflictions (or, "psychomatic healings") in the audiences. Again, Hinn seldom laid hands on the sick, and only regularly laid hands on those claiming some kind of healing in the auditorium and who had come up on the podium to give testimony and "fall under the power" when touched, breathed upon, or pushed by Hinn. Hinn had a more dramatic flair than the conservative Kuhlman and would like to cause whole sections of the crowd to "fall under the power" as a demonstration of the "Anointing" upon him.. However, Hinn could not as Kuhlman, so far  in his 20-year ministerial tenure, produce ONE  medically documented, certifiable healing or miracle.  Moreover, Hinn's financial excesses have become well-known, unlike the discreet Kuhlman, and has been the subject of major television network exposes. Today, though claiming more spiritual power and greater miracles soon to appear, his ministry is stagnant and the same manifestations, over and over, in his meetings are no longer attracting curiosity and are instead, on the wane. Hinn is now, like Roberts and Allen a generation earlier, going into a teaching and a "prosperity gospel" message. The problem for Hinn is that, he has little ability to do so. He has no teaching style and rambles without making coherent points. Several examples of his "prowess" are cited by critics and are plain outright, goofy statements, for which he frequently retracts and apologizes for despite being under the "Anointing" when making such remarks.

Two of these prominent post Healing Era evangelists were the late Kathryn Kuhlman and her protege, Benny Hinn (above). Both, as aforementioned, are sorcerors. They, like the Magicians in Pharoah's court, are seemingly able to duplicate some spiritual  power. But the results beyond surface demonstrations are and were without substance and  as "wind without rain." As indicative of sorcerors, neither one claimed any spiritual gifts, nor did they generate faith in their hearers for genuine healings or miracles, as had the Healing Evangelists had and earlier Pentecostal luminaries did, as described above. Instead, of producing ONE documented genuine miracle or healing between them, they "bewitched (or deceived) the people with sorceries" (Acts 8:11).  As a consequence, these sorcerors and others like them in this contemporary era, have plenty of money among them as did Simon, who offered the Apostles money for more spiritual power so that he could demonstrate that power as further sorceries for his own glory, adulation, and  further financial benefit (Acts 8:18).  Such solicitation and abuse of the accumulation of riches and money have brought reproach on  real Christian ministry. These individuals are "known by their fruits" and are not genuine servants of God, but rather are attempting to serve "two" or, and in several instances, "more masters," that Christ warned of (Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13). Hinn has gone so far in acquiring spiritual power that he has sought to contact the "dead," at the gravesite of Kuhlman ( as shown above). His description of such activity is what the Bible condemns as "necromancy." The penalty in the Old Testament for necromancy was death ( Leviticus 20:6, 27).  No one who engages in "communing with the dead" can be in fellowship with God nor have the sanction of the Holy Spirit upon their lives. Indeed, such an individual is "spiritually defiled" and is defiling others as well (Lev. 19:31). 



< > Noted authority on the occult and demonology, the late Kurt E. Koch, wrote several books on the delivering power of Jesus Christ and how to discern demonic powers. He met and interviewed Ms. Kuhlman (left) and others and attended several of her meetings. He came away disturbed that Kuhlman was not a genuine Christian and listed her in his book (right), "Occult ABC," as someone that Christians should avoid lest they become spiritually oppressed. I, myself, attended many of Kuhlman's Meetings in San Jose, California and at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in the early 1970's as a young man.  Kuhlman, herself, laid hands on me three different times when I was on the podium stage with her, with predictable results. Hence, I came away with a like view as Koch. I have never needed to attend a Hinn meeting to discern him as his methods are all too obvious to me that he is a dedicated sorceror. 

                                          Consistent with Kurt Koch's assessment of Kathryn Kuhlman is the conclusion of Yves  Brault regarding Benny Hinn.  He has written a book about his personal experience with Benny Hinn. His website is:



< YVES BRAULT CONCLUDES THAT HINN IS A MESMERIST ! Here are some photos below in which "actions speak louder than words" which appear to confirm Brault's assessment. Mesmer, left, performing the power to leave people in a altered state of consciousness, right, Hinn doing the same under the guise of "falling under the Power of the Holy Spirit."  Another graphic of Mesmer, below right, putting a subject "under the power" much like Hinn.  Hinn, below left, performing with two adherents already under the "Power" in one of his "crusade services." It takes a good deal of discernment to be able to differentiate the genuine Power of the Holy Spirit with that of fakes and sorcerors.  Thanks  to Mr.  Brault  for revealing  these unbelievable similarities.

Coming  Soon:  the  Restoration  of  the  Gospel with  Signs  &  Wonders, or the "Latter Rain Outpouring or Revival."

 "Latter Rain Outpouring or Revival"


The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost was heralded by Peter to be the fulfillment of the Prophecy of Joel as "The Early Rain."  That advent of the "Early Rain" was well understood by his Jewish listeners. On that day, and subsequent days of the "Early Rain," the church of Jesus Christ was planted and watered and grew to "turn upside down" (Acts 17:6) the then known world and its spiritual landscape.  With this "Early Rain," all the disciples of Christ, ...not just the Twelve Apostles or the Seventy that were Commissioned, ...could administer the  Gospel with  signs following that would confirm the bonafide and genuine message of Christ. Peter introduced the Prophecy of Joel to his listeners to not only explain what had just happened in the Upper Room, but to inform future readers of this account that a "Latter Rain" would come also, and exhaustively fulfill the Prophecy of Joel. 

 > Peter preaching the first Gospel message on the day of Pentecost in the environs of the Temple in Jerusalem. He and 119 disciples had just been "filled with the Holy Spirit" as promised by Christ at His Ascension. Peter told the crowd that this Outpouring of the Holy Spirit was the fulfillment of  the Prophecy of Joel. This was the "Early Rain" that Joel had prophesied of. If that was the "Early Rain," and Peter said that it was, then there is yet a "Latter Rain" also prophesied of by Joel. Then, with the Advent of the "Latter Rain," Joel's Prophecy would be "exhaustively" fulfilled ! Anyone familiar with the seasonal rains in Judea, knows that the Latter Rain is much more substantial than the Early Rain. The Latter Rain is the rain ordained to precede the Harvest....it is a type also of the Endtime Ministry which will ingather a People prepared for Christ's Second Coming ( Ephesians 5:27).


In this "Latter Rain" Outpouring or Revival, as like on the Day of Pentecost and elsewhere recorded in the Book of Acts, there will be "signs and wonders" to herald this Outpouring. These "signs and wonders" will include healings and miracles to confirm  the preaching of the true Gospel of the Kingdom in this Endtime Age.  Thus,  once again,  "signs" shall follow them that believe, as in the first century Church.  Despite increased persecutions, the Gospel will once again return to its "supernatural" roots. After all, the foundation  of the claims and premises of Christianity is the MIRACULOUS  !!! ... as shown by the  Power of the Resurrection ... of Jesus Christ !  A preliminary result of the power of Resurrection is the power to heal the sick and perform miracles.  

When will this "Latter Rain Revival" Take Place... What are the Signs of it about to Appear ?

 When will this "Latter Rain Revival" Take Place


This  "Latter Rain" Revival or Outpouring will precede by several years the Return of Christ.  Some additional "signs" that will precede this "Latter Rain Outpouring" will be the demise of the United States, and the emergence of the nation of Russia as the chief nation, or superpower, in the world. Another sign or trend that the Latter Rain Revival is about to take place is a further wave in the denial,  discrediting and mocking of Bible truths, especially the Return of Christ. And, the further  decline of popular Christianity,  the continued exposures of its so-called Christian ministers,  and  eroding public confidence in such leaders, and the resulting escalating moral decline. This moral decline will be reflected in the increasing popularity in pagan rites and rituals, or what Jesus termed "as it was in the days of Noah and Lot,"  Also, the power of the "Rich Men,"  which is approaching total control, will yet increase. Practically every human being on this earth will feel the effects and economic oppression of this outrageously wealthy cabal of utterly corrupt men.

                              This "Latter Rain"  Revival will drastically alter, not only now known religious concepts, BUT will, as it did in Paul's Day, and upset the WHOLE world order such as ending the Age or Rule of the Antichrist and its fall of its Grand System and End the Influence of those termed the "Rich Men ." They will be simply moved aside and their meticulous plans, that they have planned many years in the making, will be wiped simply away by Divine Intervention.

If you are a person who Loves the Lord's Appearing, and wishes to admire Him at His Coming, then you will have a profound foretaste of His Presence during the Latter Rain Outpouring... you will have an opportunity to see many great Signs and Wonders, not just in a small sampling of population in Jerusalem as on the Day of Pentecost,... but in a unprecedented Global Move.


                         COMING SOON... An Update of this Series...