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September 2011 Brief


                             PART  TWO



In Part One of this Series, I introduced the serious pathological and deviant behavior among the Elitists which rule us. The past Brief dealt mostly with the shocking sexual deviancy of our "elected" leaders. In this Part Two, I will continue to examine such unacceptable conduct and widen the scope of how pervasive and lawless this deviancy extends to.

A Professor David Simon writes about this phenomenon of persistent scandal in contemporary life among the elite classes in the United States. He writes that :

"Scandal in contemporary U.S. life is an institutionalized sociological phenomenon. It is not due primarily to psycho-pathological variables, but is due to the institutionalization of elite wrongdoing. Many of the scandals that have occurred in the U.S. since 1963 are fundamentally interrelated: that is, the same people and institutions have been involved.“ 

 Here are some of the salient scandals, frauds, intricate schemes, criminal and non-criminal elitist acts that have caused great harm, since 1963:

> JFK, the Rat Pack with their links to and connections with the Mafia .

> The JFK Assassination.

^SOME OF THE ELITISTS: Billionaire Warren Buffet, California State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Trillionaire Jacob Rothschild.  Arnold is a "tool" for the Elitists as they have made him what he is, thus he owes them.

> Watergate and Nixon.

> The Iran-Contra affair with coverage of the CIA-Contra cocaine link and other CIA-drug trafficking scandals.

> The Savings and Loan scandal.

< ANOTHER OF THE ELITISTS: Mr. Soros is currently financing "revolutions" and regime change in the Middle East. He heavily financed Barack Obama for U.S. President also under the guise of "change" to the American Public. At what point is there a "Revolution" in the United States ?...

> Crimes of the Bush administration and the Bush family dynasty.

> Scandals of the Clinton Administration.

> The Waco raid on the Branch Davidian religious sect.

> Russell Mokhiber's compilation of the 100 most important corporate crimes of the 1990s. 

> The deviant sex and pedophile crimes of the Roman Catholic Priesthood. The Catholic Priesthood is perhaps the largest organized pedophile group in the world. Below, a Catholic parishioner protests.


> Defense contracting violations by American and other corporations involved in Iraqi reconstruction.

> Recent information regarding scandals in the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq can acquaint the public with the deviance within the military-industrial complex warned against by President Eisenhower.

> This same Military-Industrial Complex has created a massive covered-up Tesla-based highly advanced technology that runs parallel to the "dumbed-down" fossil fuel technology we have today. The millitary is 20-30 years ahead of current technology. No one knows what they have in store.

 > MORE ELITISTS: David Rockefeller and Ted Turner. Rockefeller is another Trillionaire. Turner almost is one also as he is the largest land owner in the continental United States.  They are both involved in the serious reduction of population in the world along with Bill Gates of Microsoft riches.

> The ongoing behind-the-scenes economic policy of the Federal Government and its agenda, using free trade, dollar inflation, unrestrained immigration, outright wasteful government spending, bail-outs of  criminal banking enterprises to defraud the American taxpayer and to bankrupt the U.S. economy.

 < THE ELITISTS  have little further use for the United States as a World Power. Thus, it is being systemically dismantled, first as a economic power, then as a nation. Its disintegration will be into fragmented entities. In doing this, it is not known what loss of life  will be incurred.

 > The continuing saga of Vatican Bank Scandals, with the most recent occurrence in the news alleging that the Vatican Bank is implicated in money laundering. The first such scandal occurred in the 1970's involving the Mafia, then with a subsequent scandal involving the Mafia in the 1980's in which $1.3 Billion dollars to fake corporations in Latin America were made. This money was never found.

> The continual gasoline price fixing, which has been going on for nearly 40 years.

> The year 2000 and 2004 U.S. Presidential scandals.

> Money laundering by the Bank of New York.

> Black Market cigarette smuggling carried on by major tobacco companies.

> Fraud scams by the world's two leading auction houses.   

^IN HIS BOOK, Professor Simon traces the causes of elite deviance pervading the  structure of power and wealth in the United States. There have been a spate of other books that have broached this topic in the most recent times and have come close to exposing the same deviancy as Professor Simon. Such is Peter Dale Scott's, Deep Politics and the JFK assassination, and much of the writings linking the drug trade to the CIA, and through the CIA to high level U.S. politicians. These books  are Gary Webb's Dark Alliance ; Terry Reed's Compromise, and Alfred McCoy's, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, among many others.  

Anyone with an interest in such - such as sociologists, criminologists, law enforcement professionals, and others would be interested in further investigating these particular activities.

In the next Brief, I will show that the Bible predicts such deviant behavior of such Elitists and their End....



Can    Sir   Isaac   Newton,  the  16 - 17th Century  Genius  in  Mathematics,  Physics, Astronomy ...  & the   Christian  Religion... Figure In  in  Determining the Reign of the Antichrist for the Modern Believer ? Part 5



In my study of this topic, I have maintained a historical interpretation of Prophecy, notably of the Books of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. According to this interpretative system the reign of the Antichrist is a literal time frame of 1260 years. Popular applications of this time period of 1260 years have been publicized by differing "Adventist Movements." The commencement of this 1260-year period has been linked by these "Adventist movements" to some historical event in which the Papal Chair or authority assumed "antichrist" tendencies and powers. Two of these historical events as examples are the Justinian Decree of 538 C.E., and the Phocan Decree of 606-610 C.E.  Both of these decrees made exaggerated claims of Papal power and authority. But such claims could not have much binding power or political sway without the corresponding State Power to go with it. Neither one of these decrees be enforced without the Papacy assuming or being guaranteed temporal power over sovereign states and having a guarantee of territorial domain.


As stated with the Prophecy in Daniel of the "Little Horn,"  its emergence was not noted to be of any singular significance until it started to "pluck up three other horns." These events of the three horns, or independent sovereign countries or "kingdoms," which the prophetical language of being a "horn" is referred to, occurred in the time period of 44 years starting in 756 C.E. and ending in 800 C.E. In the last briefs, I explored the "plucking up" of two of the Kingdoms, Lombardy and Ravenna. I showed why the 1260-year time period could not be adequately established by the fall of these two kingdoms, in 756 C.E., and "confirmed" by additional State Power supplied by the Franks in 774 C.E. This "confirmation" or further subjugation or re-subjugation, was called the "Donation of Pepin" historically. This "donation" was from Pepin to the Catholic Pope.


However, the time period of the 1260-year Reign of the Antichrist cannot start according to the Daniel account until ALL three of the Horns are "plucked up," or subjugated. The Prophet Daniel  implies this in his Prophecy Book as he is shown in his "dream-vision" in which the "little horn" only gains significance when it supplanted three other horns "by their roots." It is only then that this "little horn" emerges with characteristics which make it a power to be reckoned with.  This is also what  Sir Isaac Newton maintained,  that the 1260-Year Rule of the Antichrist does not really start until ALL "THREE HORNS ARE PLUCKED UP."

This third kingdom to be "plucked up" was the city-State of Rome itself. This happened in  800 C.E., when Charlemagne entered the city-state of Rome and disbanded, hostile to the Pope, the Senate of Rome and dispersed Papal opposition and declared by force that this Kingdom was now under Papal control. As a reward for giving the Papacy temporal power in ruling these three Kingdoms, the Pope crowned Charlemagne "Emperor of," of the new instituted device of the Pope, "the Holy Roman Empire" and even referred to Charlemagne, as "Augustus," as the title of the Roman Emperors in the line of Caesars of the former Roman Empire. This demonstrated that the Beast Power of the Catholic Church, emanated and descended from secular Rome, called in Revelation and Daniel, as the "Dragon" power.


Hence, this time period of the Antichrist Reign looks like this: 


800 C.E. + 1260 Year Time Period of the Antichrist would equal = to the Modern Era Year of 2060 C.E.....


  This would put the End of the Reign of the Antichrist and the impending Second Coming and Return of Christ approximately 50 years away ! This period of time, fifty years,  would be ample for all the 25+ End Time Period Prophecies to come to past that are yet to be fulfilled. Hence, the Coming of Christ is NOT IMMINENT as the shills of Controlled Christianity insist ! Indeed, these fervent and feverish Eschatological sirens, of whom are many dating back over 150 years ago, are all nearly financed by the "Rich Men." The " Rich Men," with their false religious and fake Christians, find it most important to keep "crying wolf," and that "the sky is falling," as to discredit the Bible and genuine Christianity with  the constant predictions of either a Rapture, Tribulation Period, or Coming of Christ or some other Futurist Dispensational Event.  It would take a separate article for me  to chronicle the history of the drumbeat of New World Order fake Christian shills,  to list them and their individual agendas compliant with the Plans of the "Rich Men" espousing and advocating an Imminent Return of Christ, which they know themselves, to be much further off in time. 


 > WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, one of the first "shills" of an Imminent Return of Jesus Christ. His 1878 book, Jesus Is Coming, sold millions of copies. He also became an ardent Christian Zionist in drawing  personal support from such New World Order advocates as John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. Another  prominent Frankist Jew, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis,  strongly supported Blackstone openly. Brandeis owed his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court to Samuel Untermeyer,  a fellow Frankist and Satanist (see Springmeier's Bloodlines of the Illuminati, p. 309)  Hence, Blackstone had numerous contacts and support from New World Order Luciferians which make Blackstone's  agenda suspect. 


The main purpose of which, as cited above, is to deceive groups of professing Christian believers, discredit them, whereby the Bible is discredited also, and Evangelical Fundamental Christianity is mocked and ridiculed.  This phenomenon, devised by the "Rich Men," as I stated above, has been going on since the early-mid 19th Century and has continued unabated to the present time. The most recent example of which is Harold Camping's campaign... which fell in disrepute. But as many other "Rich Men" shills, they claim it is only a mistake.... and then set a New Date, also imminent ! 


The Bible has predicted this very Phenomenon and it is JUST one of the Signs of the End Time.





^ SIR ISAAC NEWTON.... wrote that  the year 2060 as significant in regard to the End of the Rule and Reign of the Antichrist and subsequent Return of Christ. as much as 300 years ago !


The above computation is exactly the  same computation and general understanding of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was persuaded that the 21st Century would be a most important time in the historic annals of the "real" Christian Church.


Indeed, he wrote that after the turn of the 21st-Century that events would unfold that would restore the Original New Testament Church.

In my next Brief, I will share what Sir Isaac Newton believed about our current era and examine more of the practicality and significance of the year 2060 and what it means to Christian believers.