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September '08

  Russia   Fulfilling   Prophecy  in   Destabilizing Georgia...  Part 2



< Russian troops occupying  South Ossetia following their  independence from the  Republic of Georgia. Should Georgia fear more possible territorial losses ?

 Russia immediately established diplomatic relations with the two break-away provinces in the nation of Georgia as independent nations, following their tedious military withdrawal from the region of Georgia late last month, in a continuing effort to destabilize the Republic of Georgia. The provinces of South Ossetia, and that of Abzhakia, are now recognized as independent countries,  with the protection of Russian military forces, called "peacekeepers."









  ^This map of Georgia will have to be re-drawn for future students of geography in their school studies, as it will no longer exist as it is now. 

  The Georgian government didn't think Russia would take this step and fear that this move will lead to Russia eventually annexing the two territories. Yet, this is a goal that leaders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have wanted for years. Georgian President Saakashvili declared on Georgia television that "Russia was trying to destroy the Georgian government, which it could not do by force." 

Meanwhile, the Kremlin moved quickly to tighten its grip on Georgia’s breakaway regions as South Ossetia announced that it would  become part of Russia.

Tarzan Kokoity, the province’s Deputy Speaker of parliament, announced that South Ossetia would be absorbed into Russia soon so that its  people could live in “one united Russian state” with their ethnic kin in North Ossetia, which is just north, in Russia.
 Moreover, the  Georgian  Government believes   that Russia is orchestrating  new objectives for Georgia, eyeing annexation of Adzharia, in addition to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The key figures to implement this will be former Adzharian leader Aslan Abashidze, who currently lives in Moscow, and a General Dumbadze. Dumbadze is the protege of Abashidze, who was stripped of authority in May of 2004, by Georgian President Saakashvili. Then commander of Georgian forces in Adzharia, General Dumbadze disobeyed Saakashvili and brought the troops under the ultimate command of Abashidze. Dumbadze was arrested and had been imprisoned in Tbilisi, a life sentence without parole, but was freed to the Russians in a recent prisoner exchange for twelve Georgian soldiers.
 ^ ANOTHER PROVINCE TO BE UNDER THE RUSSIAN PAW ? In addition to the Russian Government recognizing the two breakaway provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as separate republics eventually to be annexed to Russia, they are fomenting trouble in a third province, called Adzharia. Note that Adzharia does not share a border with Russia, and that Russia's recognition of an autonomous government under either former Adzharian leader, Aslan Abashidze, or his General, Dumbadze would greatly destabilize the Georgian State. The Russians NOW have both Abashidze and Dumbadze under wraps, readying them potentially for future roles. The population of Adzharia is split between Eastern Orthodox Christians and Moslems, the only such province with diverse religious differences.

Despite the common front the U.S. and Europe displayed  in the face of Russia's latest move, there were no clear proposals of what could be done effectively to confront Russia or reverse its action.

                    That was the dilemma of the West during the short nasty military confrontation between Georgia and Russia earlier this month. And that remains the dilemma of the West with Russia's declaration of support for the independence of the two rebel enclaves, and eyeing a third.
 > In a country where the game of Chess is the national pastime, Mr. Putin has successfully put Georgia  in a checkmated position, and the West in  a stalemated position, as they have no options in making Russia accountable for their aggressive actions in Georgia.  As noted last month in Part 1 of this story, Georgia will  be absorbed in the Russian State as the Prophet Ezekiel prophesied that it would. The region of Georgia will, in the future War of Armageddon, be the mobilization point for Russia to invade the Middle East to attack Israel.
IMPORTANT NOTE :  Depending on how quickly Russia moves to recognize and then, to  annex the third Province of Adzharia to protect them from Georgian agression (?), that  could  be the "trigger point" for the DEMISE of the UNITED STATES !
 < Faithful follower of Christ, my friend, and co-laborer for the Kingdom of God, Bro. Wayne Dorsett (left),  passed away  at age 76. Here shown with his wife Joan, and adopted son, Jacob. Brother Dorsett supported my work with many encouraging ideas, insights, and  observations. He was a man with vision  and ministered unto the Lord with an avid zeal for His Kingdom. His faith edified me many times as he communicated frequently, his hopes and convictions. His loss is felt, but the example of his faith will endure in our hearts, as we look forward to seeing him again in Christ's Kingdom and the Day of Resurrection. Amen. God Bless his family with comfort and solace in this time of remembrance and memorial.


Held annually early in  September, known as the Labor Day weekend in the United States, the "Burning Man" Festival takes place. This year, as it has for the past several years, drew a record crowd of 50,000 revelers, or termed "burners," to a isolated site in northern Nevada, known as the Black Rock Desert. The "Burning Man" festival is a kind of "new-age" Woodstock, where nearly anything goes.  Neo-pagans, Satanists, former Christians, wiccans, and transvestite entertainers go to  "trance," perform rituals, dance and cavort in the nude, engage in public sex acts, offer sacrifices to ancient pagan gods and goddesses, and otherwise "express" themselves.


 < The Burning Man Festival, where public displays of full (left) and frontal nudity (below right) , and public sex acts, are portrayed as  rights of "self-expression." This same kind of "festival" was featured by  no less than the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, according to ancient archaelogical findings found in burial grounds at Bab-edh-Dhra, near  their sites. In addition, to evidence of a festival site of the Sodom and Gomorrahites, there was also located there, a high place, or a pagan worship site. The Sodomites worshiped both Baal, a fertility god, and Molech, a fire-god. 

Those attending set up theme camps with such names as "Lost Vegas," "Motel 666," and "Crucifixion with a Celebrity," in which one can have their picture taken while on a cross beside a crucified and obese "Elvis Presley." Hamburgers are sold by devil-worshippers at the McSatan Cafe, a parody of McDonald's Hamburger restaurants. T-Shirts are sold with the slogan, "Praise the Whore," instead of "Praise the Lord." Elizabeth Dilling, author of The Plot Against Christianity, wrote that "the worship of Fire or Sun Gods involves mass nudism, fornication and sodomy..."
       Jesus Christ foretold that in the Endtimes, that society would be "as it was in days of Noah,...likewise also as it was in the days of Lot..." (Luke 17:28-30, 1769 King James Version). What is not known by the public and "popular Christianity" is that the fornications, that were engaged in by the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were not just the standard acts of lust and debauchery, but sex acts and sexual perversion dedicated to Baal and Molech during their worship !

 < The Last Day of the Festival climaxes with the "Burning Man" effigy going up in flames, at which point the "burners" engage in mass copulation, or fornication, including sodomy, thus confirming Dilling's chilling remarks above. Just who is the Burning Man, and those like it around the world, supposed to symbolize ?

Nor is this festival an isolated event or cultural fad, but it is highly organized and well-financed phenomenon, and is being duplicated all around the United States and Canada, and globally in  four other continents as shown below :


   ^ A map of "Burning Man"  type festivals in the United States. When I first wrote on this in 2006, there were only roughly half this many in the United States as there is NOW ! The colored tan regions in America and Canada are states or provinces that hold regional "Burn" festivals... the gray areas are states or provinces that do not have a regional festival. The green dots are the cities or areas,  that host the Burn Festivals. 
   ^ Burning Man Festivals in Europe. Earlier in 2006, only England had such a festival. Now it has expanded tenfold since.
  ^ The Burning Man Festival and Phenomenon is now worldwide. There are double the number of festivals than when I first reported this. There is even a festival in Communist China !
 > The Book of Jasher, a neo-canonical book of the Bible Era,  thought to be long lost, but found in 1840 AD. The Bible (Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18)) refers to the Book of Jasher as a reliable reference source. The Book of  Jasher (18:11-15) tells of such a "festival site" where their abominations were  conducted.
 ^ The original modern-era "Burn" festival is the "Bohemian Grove" Club located in California. There the most powerful and influential men : former Presidents, famous actors, religious celebrities, business tycoons, and international government figures in the World,  immolate an Owl !  Is the Owl and the Burning Man the same symbolism ? For more details of this startling ongoing fulfillment of Prophecy, order my series, "As it Was in the Days of  Noah... Lot."

U.S. Presidential Candidate McCain will follow "God's game plan," claims Celebrity Christian.....

  Famed North American Football coach, Joe Gibbs endorsed Presidential candidate John McCain at the U.S. Republican National Convention,  predicting that electing him would spark a return to "God's word" and a "spiritual revival."


<  So-called media, or famous celebrity Christians or those involved in the System of popular Christianity, are always   available to endorse "worldly leaders," as if they were God's very own Choice, to deceive gullible so-called "Christian" voters. Did Jesus ever do this ? What did Jesus say about the World and its System ?



 Mr. Gibbs, 67, an outspoken Christian, spoke   about leadership that seeks guidance from God in American Football terms. "God is our head coach," he said. "The right game plan leads to what? Success. [A] bad game plan, falling away from Gods word, leads to disaster."                     

The 72-year old Candidate McCain has been notoriously tight-lipped about his own religious faith. The southern Baptist views his faith as a private matter, but has been urged by supporters to speak more openly about it.

The football coach did not talk about Mr. McCain's own faith.

But Gibbs did say that electing Mr. McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, would cause "a return to God's word that will lead America to a spiritual revival so that God can truly bless America."

                           By what authority does Mr. Gibbs make such comments ? Obviously, Gibbs is not a serious reader of God's Word, or he would never trivialize the Bible with the election of worldly political candidates, and presumptuously speak for God in promising America a religious Revival if John McCain is elected. Indeed, the American Evangelical Christian Right said about the same about the election of George Bush...Did America experience “spiritual revival,” and a “return to God’s Word ?”

After all, Mr. Bush claimed to be truly “born again,” something that McCain never has called himself. Bush claimed to be converted after talking with world-renowned Evangelist Billy Graham, a conversation that Graham later emphatically denied,  after Bush was elected. Instead of God’s Blessing, the United States  went from about $1 a gallon gas to over $4 a gallon, a $5 Trillion dollar deficit to over a $9 Trillion dollar “official” deficit, not to mention fighting two wars at the present time, and all the rest of the troubles that America is worse off in than it was eight years earlier.

This kind of presumption is one of the very reasons that the United States is under God's Judgment. American Christians think they are especially entitled to God's special favor, because the United States has the highest standard of living in the world, almost like a Kingdom of God; because of its "democratic" liberties and freedoms, and as such,  God  is viewed as if He was an American...  THIS IS A GREAT DECEPTION ! Liberties and Freedoms are incidental  to God... as  freedom  is the outcome of God's Blessing on a Nation that is RIGHTEOUS ! The deterioration of American freedoms over the last few years and the clear prospects of further erosion of freedoms, under the guise of fighting "terrorism," is a clear indication of what the level of "righteousness" is, in the United States.

If Mr. Gibbs and other celebrity Christians and Preachers, were "faithful" readers of the Bible and genuine Christians, they would "discern" that something is very wrong with the United States, and it would take something much more dramatic than the election of Mr. McCain !

The fact is, the United States is in rapid decline, as implied by the Scriptures. The United States is not mentioned in the Bible, nor a factor in "End Time" Events of Prophecy. However, the nation of Russia is, and Americans should be reading the article above, if they wish to see a nation that has a future... as the United States does not...

The use and endorsements of so-called  Christians who are part of the World System under the control of Satan, is part of the great deception of nominal and superficial "Christians," whose main concern is to make themselves prosperous and  "self-sufficient" from God.

The Scriptures speak plainly that the World System is not of God, nor has any sanction or approval of God.  The Bible plainly states that "...THE WHOLE WORLD LIES UNDER THE SWAY OF THE WICKED ONE (Satan)" (1 John 5:19). Indeed, whenever there has been a Union of Church and State, and the Church endorsing the State, it has always been an exercise of the "AntiChrist" spirit.