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Throughout God's Word, there are numerous testimonies of the efficacy and effectualness of Prayer. Despite volumes of books and printed material  on the subject of prayer, there is a substantial lack of answers to Prayer. Why ? Because there are absolutely no shortcuts to power with God without the practice and discipline of Prayer. Although, Jesus Christ was the "Son of God with Power," and had the "Spirit of God without measure," and exercised all the Gifts of the Spirit, He still had to have a connection by Prayer with the Heavenly Father in order to carry out His Calling and Mission. It was not infrequent that Christ prayed all night. Today, in my ministerial experience and observation, the most neglected aspect of the Christian life is Prayer. Whether this is the result of unbelief, lack of spiritual hunger, spiritual laziness or negligence, or disobedience, it is not acceptable to God. God has to be known and spiritual intimacy developed through the constancy of prayer (  John 17:3 ;  also, see my monograph on Prayer in the Bible Teachings section of this website).

                               Having said this, however, I know that many Christians are Oppressed by the Power of the Enemy ( Acts 10:38) and need more spiritual freedom in their lives, and cannot do for themselves as they would ought. They may need physical healing, or release from afflictions. They may need spiritual gifts to  further glorify God in their lives and secure a greater salvation  (Mark 4:20; Luke 19:16-19) and witness. After all, Christ promised Power to His Followers to be greater Witnesses for Him (Acts 1:8).  Are you in one of these categories ? Then I would like to pray for you, and have devoted space on this website to minister, by faith, for your needs.


                             THE  PRAYER  OF  FAITH


I believe, and have found as a result of this belief in prayer,  that Jesus Christ is the "same, yesterday, today, and forever " (Hebrews 13:8). I do believe that healing "virtue" ( Mark 5:30, KJV)  can come into your life and release you from sorrow, sickness, and oppression through the Name (authority) of Jesus of Nazareth. The New Testament records that a "healing ministry" was as much as a staple of the Gospel as a "preaching ministry."  Indeed, when Christ commissioned His Twelve Disciples, he told them to "preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick"  (Luke 9:2).  More interestingly, however, was when Christ sent the Seventy out ( due to the overwhelming need for this true Gospel ministry that the Twelve could not keep up with), Jesus reversed the order of ministry.  He sent out the Seventy to "heal the sick...and preach the Kingdom of God..."  ( Luke 10:9 ).  This is a criteria for a genuine Gospel ministry to have a two-fold effect which Paul the Apostle described ( 1 Thessalonians 1:5).  Anything less is a ministry lacking in faith and obedience, as Jesus stated (Matthew 17:16-17, 20), unless there is insufficient faith on the part of the petitioner, as unbelief (little or insufficient or no faith) inhibits the work of God, seen in the example when Jesus could do no miracle (Mark 6:5-6).

                                The Bible describes "signs and wonders" as supernatural healings and miracles. The New Testament states there are "gifts of healings" and a "gift of miracles" (1 Corinthians9b-10a). Where  is  little  faith  for  such gifts to work (Mark 6:5), there is yet what is termed the "Prayer of Faith"
( James 5:15 ). " And the Prayer of Faith shall rescue the sick, and the Lord will heal him."  

                                  It is apparent today in modern, popular Christianity that there is little evidence of such a Prayer of Faith. There are two main reasons for this: one is unbelief. Unbelief is little or no faith appropriated  on the part of the ministry engaging in prayer. Hence, there is little or no faith "mixed" with the petition of prayer ( implied in Hebrews 4:2; you can also read about this phenomenon in my "Bible Teaching" section on this website, "Spickard on... True Preaching" ). The second reason is, "signs and wonders" or healings and miracles, are relegated to a class of "televangelists" who display powers of "sorcery" upon their audience (Acts 8:8-11), which they claim are healing gifts, for large contributions of money: ... of which they can never get enough of. In addition, there are NO verifiable, documented, confirmed healings or miracles that these sorcerors claim to be the case. Those seeking genuine healings from such sorcerors would be better off making a pilgrimage to a healing shrine of the Roman Catholic religion instead ! At the least, most Roman Catholics believe in genuine miracles rather than these charlatan sorcerers pawning themselves off as "followers of Christ," when their opulent lifestyles are a direct contradiction of New Testament teachings. Truly, people are still being "bewitched,"  or deceived, by modern-day Simons.


                   WHAT IS THE PRAYER OF FAITH ?


The Prayer of Faith is revelatory faith used in prayer. It consists of a faith which comes from God. Bible faith is a spiritual virtue which is an impartation from God. Bible faith cannot be generated by human agency. It is not willpower, nor the constant affirmation of Bible verses, or the claiming or repetition of Bible promises presumptuously, or any metaphysical phenomena. (More on what "faith" is, can be studied in the Bible Teachings section on this website, "Spickard on.... Faith" ). It is a faith described in Hebrews 11:1, as "the confidence of things hoped for, the conviction (or, strong assurance) of things unseen" (literal Greek rendering). It does not consist of a certain formula of imaginative words or lofty devotional phrases. It is a faith that is already connected with God's Power. It does not use phrases as "God's Will be Done," or other disclaimers in case there is no answer to this prayer. It is a prayer that honors God and His Ability to Heal...through the medium of believing Prayer. God ALWAYS honors faith !  Genuine faith is a rare commodity in the Last Days (Luke 18:8), as Jesus stated. Yet, all it takes is a "grain of mustard's seed"  worth....( Matthew 17:20).

Would you like for me to Pray the Prayer of Faith with you ? Then follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Remember, Jesus said, "all things are possible to him who believes"  ( Mark 9:23b). 

For more information to strengthen your faith in supernatural gifts and answers to Prayer, please view my "Signs and Wonders" portion of this website.

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