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October 2011 Brief


                             PART THREE



In the fifth chapter of the Epistle of James, the Apostle James predicts and prophesies of an End Time Phenomenon known as the " Rich Men." This is not talking about those who are simply rich, but rather, a class of men   who are specified as unjust and oppressive by their use of egregious fraud and unreal arrogance resulting from their fantastic wealth.

Here are the Scripture verses from the Fifth chapter of James, paraphrased :

"Go to now, Rich Men, Weep and Howl for the miseries that shall come upon you ! 

Your Riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your Gold and Silver is corroded and their corrosion will be a testimony against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were like fire. You have Heaps and Heaps of Treasure collected for the ACHARITHAYAMIM,  that is,' ' the End Times.'

" Behold, the wages of those who labor for you, you  have cheated and defrauded them and their poverty and need cries out against you. And these cries have been heard by the Lord God of Armies, or Forces.

You Rich Men, you have lived on the earth without restraint for your lusts and deviant conduct and  with every sensual pleasure indulged. You Rich Men,  in times of slaughter and war and violence, have satiated your hearts with blood lust and  increased profits."

"You have condemned and killed the noble and the just; as they are without sufficient strength to withstand you and the power of your immense wealth. 

Yet, be patient, my brothers, until the Coming of the Lord. As behold, the farmer waits for his precious Harvest, and is indeed, patient, until he receives the Early and then, the Latter Rain."   James 5:1-7.

In commenting and interpreting the meaning of these passages, there is no great sin in being rich, but these kind of riches, implied by the text, arise by the accumulation of great wealth for the means to control the world populace as it states that this class of men "have heaps and heaps of treasure, or money, for the last days (End Times)" verse 3. The context suggests these "men," through excessive wealth creation, have far more money than they will ever have need of; the purpose of such unreal wealth is not just greed, but the nefarious use of power, and CONTROL. "Holding back," or minimizing "the  wages of the labor class by fraud,"  such as Central Bank Reserve System debt-based  notes, which is intrinsically worthless paper, makes the working class nothing less than "slaves," as the Central Bankers, or "Rich Men" control the value of "lawful money."

This fractional banking is the very foundation of their EGREGIOUS FRAUD.

To understand the  very essence of slavery is that the worker, or slave, produces much, much more by his labor than the pittance that he receives for his work. Thus, the slave's wage is not presumed  to be at all, a fair equivalent of  his labor and worth. This particular fraud is ongoing worldwide due to the control of the "Rich Men." This system places the elitist Rich Men from ever engaging in the necessity of laboring himself. The Elitist, or "Rich Man" is the ultimate parasite !

If the "worker slave" were paid a "just" wage, then this oppressive system would come to an end at once !

Hence, the very essence of slavery is "fraud" as the Apostle describes an MASSIVE,  unjust and oppressive system of deceit and debt in which the worker is yet a slave again, as he really owns  NOTHING ! Whatever he owns, because of his debt-status, he cannot derive enough income to ever be totally independent of the System of the Rich Men, and is beholden to the System for his sustenance when such paltry income fails and his property becomes collateral for his survival or for tax burdens.

The Apostle describes this System as unjust and Oppressive ! This System of Fraud is utilized on such a scale as to defraud many workers and it depends upon a bonding activity kept secret by great oaths, implied by James, by the Elitists. This "bonding activity" is the worship and allegiance to Satan which is thought to enhance the success of the Elitists to perpetuate their System through years and years of generational Satanic Ritual practices.

Hence, the power of this System is vastly superior to that of the underpaid individuals, that they cannot enforce equity, whether by legal redress or force of arms, of proper compensation ! Such a System implied by James is so pervasive and powerful that the "rule of law" cannot be applied to it in order to control or subjugate it. Yea, this very Class of Mega-Rich Men and their System ensures their dominion, control and profits are ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW ! Since there is no just compensation or redress, the Cry of Oppressed Millions, maybe Billions, CONTINUES to reach the Hearing of the Lord God,... of Armies.

The Period Must Come in which such an Oppressive System, such as these Pharoahs and their Taskmasters are, MUST CEASE.

Such pursuit of such Mega-Rich Elitists are unlawful and sensual pleasures as suggests, " a life of delicacy and luxuriant living... in unparalleled ease, without interruption." Their every whim is subsequently gratified while those who contribute to their opulence and affluence are groaning under the oppression to maintain such a life-style for a gilded minority. If any should wish to complain or demand justice, their strength is so feeble against these tyrants and oppressors that they are singled out quickly and murdered. Meanwhile, the arrogance of  such Elite Rich is to consume themselves with every lust, sexual deviancy and financial crime and malfeasance without any real concern for being held accountable for their conduct for any meaningful punishment. 




The solution for all this deviant behavior and criminal fraud is PATIENCE. These "Mega-Rich" will come to their End. Indeed, manifold "miseries" will befall them in procuring a special dispensation of Judgment from God. The inhumaneness of the money madness of these "Rich Men" makes them to be targets of a brand of God's Unique Wrath. The idolatry of riches, the pathological behavior in acquiring such wealth, and the deviant sensuality in which they indulge themselves, combine to require a singular Condemnation and End from Yahweh.

 Instead of bitter retaliation from the Oppressed against such Elitists, James counsels them to be "patient" instead. This kind of patience is closely linked to an expectant restitution. Both the farmer, used as an example, and the Prophet, in the Scripture portray this expectant calm in being certain of God's Crisis Intervention.

Thus, Divine Vengeance will come upon these who hoard up such riches unnecessary for real support and comfort, defrauding the wages and payment of those who labor through unjust remuneration on a very large scale creating a System of Oppression. Moreover, Divine Vengeance will come upon these "Rich Men," or Elitists, who are profligate  for a life of ease, luxury, sexual deviance and indulgence. And lastly, such Divine Reckoning will Judge such wrongful oppressing and destruction of those who are unable to vindicate their rights, legally or otherwise, who have no advocate to undertake their cause; men who are too feeble to offer resistance or are restrained by principles from attempting it. 

This concludes this topic.  






















Can    Sir   Isaac   Newton,  the  16 - 17th Century  Genius  in  Mathematics,  Physics, Astronomy ...  & the   Christian  Religion... Figure In  in  Determining the Reign of the Antichrist for the Modern Believer ? Part 6


 In my last Brief, I agreed with the conclusion of Sir Isaac Newton in which the year 2060 is significant for the ending of the Reign of the Anti-Christ and subsequent Return of Jesus Christ in which He will set up His Kingdom right here on Earth. This will be replete with the setup of a new city of Jerusalem, styled by the Bible, "the new Jerusalem," and a change in our atmosphere in which our weather climate will change back to a more idyllic and mild effect.

I indicated that I would share further what Newton believed about our particular times and will do so.

 But before I go on with these particulars, I wish to do an inventory of the outstanding End Time Prophecies to be fulfilled and their current status of completion. You, the reader, will be surprised to find out just how much Prophecy needs to be fulfilled despite the incessant propaganda by the "Rich Men" and the Devil who stress continually that the Return of Christ is Very Imminent ! 

This disinformation of "crying wolf"  is done to keep people on edge and then subsequent Apathy, who are disappointed when the predictions of such "shill" Evangelists are proved wrong, and the fervent believers of such, are offended in God and generally lose their faith. Meanwhile, the secular class of people are more motivated to mock, scoff, sneer and discredit the Bible. This is also prophesied by the Bible as an End Time phenomenon.




I list on my website, the following link which details some twenty-six End Time Prophecies which have YET to be fulfilled. Here is the link:


I will in a concise fashion go over these Prophecies briefly and ascertain the current status of fulfillment. When these Prophecies are truly fulfilled, then the Coming of Christ is at hand. 53

(1) The Exhaustive Fulfillment of Earthquakes in Diverse Places, whether by Divine or Man-Made origins. Connected with this phenomenon are also other "natural" disasters and "dangerous" events predicted.  This is pretty much self-explanatory as "earthquake events" will continue right into the Battle of Jerusalem, which is the second Battle of the War of Armageddon. Man-made origins of initiated earthquakes are done with the HAARP program. I have written on this previously in which I showed that HAARP technology is called an "earthquake" engineering machine among other things, such as mind control. Here is a repeat of my April 2010 Brief comments on HAARP which are more relevant than ever ! 

  ^ THE HIGH ATTITUDE AURORAL RESEARCH PROJECT   located in Gakona, Alaska more well known by its acronym, HAARP.  In 1966, a Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald published papers on the use of environmental-control technologies for military purposes, also known as HAARP.  In these papers and a later book, Until Peace Comes, MacDonald describes the uses of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave manipulation using the planet's energy fields as  functions and results of HAARP technology.

(2)  The Prophecy of "Perilous, or Dangerous Times" by the Apostle Paul to Timothy in which the End Times would be "perilous" or "hazardous" to those who live in such a singular Era as ours. Killer droughts, T-5 thunderstorms,  regional famines, tsunamis able to change either geography maps or population life-spans such as the Nuclear Meltdown in Japan is shocking the Masses.  Thus, living in this "last days period of the End Times" is truly "perilous." This Phenomenon of Danger will be present up to the End of the Age. It has no chance of being fulfilled prematurely. 

(3) The decline and demise of the United States. The United States, which I consistently affirm on this website and in printed materials, is NOT in the very End Time Prophecy. I base this on several factors, with which foundation of the line-up of nations, listed in  Ezekiel 38. The United States IS NOT LISTED. However, "nations of Gomer" are and this is what the United States will disintegrate into.  The U.S. will fragment into parts equal or most likely smaller than "nations of Gomer" which are Northern and Western European countries. Such nations of Gomer are Germany,  Holland, Austria, France, Wales, England, Denmark and such. Presently, the United States is in rapid decline and will end. This Prophecy is not yet fulfilled. A conservative estimate of the demise of the U.S. would be near the end of the decade. More immediate or imminent estimates do not take in the fact that the United States is STILL the wealthiest nation in the world and that THAT WEALTH NEEDS TO BE TRANSFERRED INTO  " MORE RESPONSIBLE HANDS."  Hence, Christ's Return will be put off until then and more, as the U.S. will be of a "memory" status of the world's view in which other events will shape the future, such as....

(4)The re-emergence of Russia as the sole or chief Superpower in the world. Again, the Bible account of Ezekiel is pretty much plain on this matter, calling Russia by four names: Gog, Magog, Rosh and Meshech. The Bible frequently refers to nations or families of peoples by their Noahiac links. Three of these names were sons or grandsons of Noah. Gog is an appellative of someone who is an Autocratic authority of power ruling Russia at the time of the War of Armageddon. Russia is peculiar in their make-up in which the populace prefers an autocratic ruler like the Czars, Lenin, Stalin or presently, Putin. The West does not understand this national idiosyncrasy of the Russian mind... but the Bible does as the Spirit of God knows and predicted it. This re-emergence is in the shadows currently and will fully emerge once the status of the United States is settled.

(5) Russian destabilization and subjugation of the nation of Georgia; Georgia is strategically necessary to the Russia military for the Armageddon Invasion of the Land of Israel.   Again, this Prophecy is derived from Ezekiel 38. Georgia is allied with Russia at the hostilities of Armageddon. Georgia is known in the Bible as "Tubal." Another posterity of Noah. Presently, Russia is destabilizing the nation of Georgia by controlling or annexing  the provinces of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Adzharia. This, despite the efforts of NATO and the U.S. to withstand Russian hegemony. With the demise of the U.S., the rest of Georgia will be "ripe for the picking."

(6) The ongoing Agenda, Goals, and great Power of  the "Rich Men" as predicted by the Apostle James. This is a huge topic and Prophecy that is being fulfilled that rightly should be treated as a massive single subject. In short, the "Rich Men" are an apostate Jewish cabal, mixed with some Gentiles, known as "Sabbatean" and "Frankist" Jews. This cabal controls the world presently ruling from the one square mile center of London, England known as "the City." This Prophecy Phenomenon is still current in status and will be until ...the Advent of the Latter Rain.... at which time, these men will be exposed and their Agenda and Luciferian Goals defeated.

(7) Unalterable climate changes as predicted by Christ. These Prophecies were given by Christ in the Synoptic Gospels with the most detail being in the Gospel of Luke. These are now referred to by World Leaders, or rather the "Rich Men," as "global warming." However, their explanation of "global warming" suits their Agenda of controlling fossil fuel emissions. Christ had another explanation which has occurred previously in other epochs of world history.

(8) Further descent into immorality as predicted again by Christ, and others. Jesus made several references to this in the Gospels. Paul also referred to this in his Letters. This will continue until the Latter Rain Period. It will be interrupted then, and may resume of sorts after the "Harvest" is completed.

In my next Brief, I will share further outstanding prophecies have to be fulfilled before the Return of Christ. By the time these prophecies are listed and inventoried and their current state of fulfillment or process of fulfillment, you will understand that the Coming of Jesus Christ again to earth, to set up His Kingdom, is yet years and years away.