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 Living in the "End Times"

How "End Time" Prophecy Affects... YOU!

 Volume One


 I wish to announce that my new book, Living in the End Times: How End Time Bible Prophecy Affects You! Volume One, is now available to peruse and purchase. 

Here is the link for ordering in the United States:


 For those interested in obtaining a copy of my book in Panama, the list price of the book is $19.95 plus $5 in shipping and handling.You can contact me by accessing my contact information page on this website to make arrangements on how to get your copy. 
Here is part of the "blurb":

Prophecy is generating more interest than ever before! Freak weather, increasingly severe natural disasters, climate changes, deteriorating moral restraints, a lack of vision by world leaders, and the specter of incessant war have contributed to the public interest in prophecy while such events create added uncertainty to our future.

Yet, the Bible has predicted such interest in End Time Prophecy as "spiritual knowledge" will exponentially increase; just as the Bible has already predicted the increase of "natural knowledge" with its amazing discoveries, new innovations, and modern technologies over the last two centuries.

In this Volume One, the Author has selected fifteen fundamental End Time Bible prophecies out of fifty and more to be fulfilled in our End Time period. Here, you can read about the exhaustive fulfillment of earthquakes; the marked rise of false prophets (many of which are popular figures), false Christs, wars, and more. You can learn about the "perilous" or dangerous, "times" that we live in that the Bible predicts; the rise of Russia, and its subjugation of the nation of Georgia; and the decline and demise of... the United States...as told and implied by Bible Prophecy.

To repeat, the United States is not part of very End Time Prophecy. Its status will radically change and it will be fragmented into different state entities. There are two scenarios for this: either it will disintegrate without much fanfare as the former Soviet Union, or it can approach and well exceed something that is very difficult to imagine as an American, in terms of destruction, societal breakdown, unrest, and civil war.

You, the reader, are living in the End Times! Yet, you can use this volume as a road map for the future by knowing what is next on God's prophetic time clock. You can have assurance and the conviction of faith in this age when others don't. Do not despair. God is in control. You can face the future with added confidence by knowing the "Signs of the Times."

Joseph Spickard


 I am the only author that can show, by the Scriptures, in detail, what will become of the United States.(1) Proper interpretation of the Scripture is a proprietary function of a prophetical gift.(2) The gift of Prophecy, not some church or ecclesiastical institution, can only interpret and divide the Word of God.(3)

 Already, the "fair weather," "prophecy experts" of the "System"(4) are abandoning the ship of the United States... These "experts" with their intimate ties with the COSMOS, or World System of Deception which is working overtime,... know the FIX is in! And, like the HIRELINGS (5) that they are, which is what the Bible calls them in the Old Testament who prophesy "smooth things," they get "out of Dodge" when things start coming down! Like their Old Testament counterparts, they have hidden the truth from their constituents.(6) Now, they are "advising" and "warning" Americans that a global judgment is coming!

                There isn't!

There is only one judgment on the immediate horizon... and that is with the polity(7) of the United States!

These same shameless "purveyors of profit" who are no prophets, in my lifetime, used to state that America would be fighting alongside Israel in the War of Armageddon.(8) Now they are chirping a different tune. One by one, they are changing their scripts and blaming their followers, the sheeple, for the demise of the United States. Which sheeple have been following them. Yet now, these hirelings are blaming them for the impending  judgments upon the United States. The hirelings are blaming the sheeple for their lack of repentance and works to avert such a catastrophe.(9)

When, it was always this,... "the blind leading the blind." 

These hirelings are now suggesting what I have already stated, "that the United States, or whatever fascist power constitutes it, will be an enemy of Israel."

 The same voices of these heralded hirelings have also maintained for years... and years,... that the Rapture will spirit Americans away before any collapse of the nation. This is exactly what the hirelings told the Chinese church in 1947, to "not worry, and be happy," and that they would be raptured before Mao Ze Dong took power to persecute them and create a communist, godless, Red China. (10)

The Chinese believers were told a lie.

Mao slaughtered untold thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of Evangelical Christians and believers.

American believers have heard the same lies...However, there is a shift. Now, these false teachers are changing their tune on this, too. Maybe Americans won't be raptured. After all, Americans are pretty wicked... Maybe, the rapture is in the middle of tribulation. When that doesn't happen...well, they can always switch, that is, if they are around, which they probably will be in a safe haven in Europe with their ill-gotten gains, to predicting a ...Post-Tribulation rapture.

 In the Dispensationalist or Frankist Futurist system or Jesuit Futurism, its adherent can always put off things...well, into the future.(11)

The real truth is though, all this is Dispensationalist dogma, which if the reader has been reading my site for awhile, knows how I feel about this "feel-good" Jesuit claptrap. Which fiction, which was originally Counter-Reformation propaganda devised by Jesuit theological Dr. Alberto Ribera. This was mandated from the Roman Catholic Church Council of Trent in the late Middle Ages, to withstand the influences of Protestantism whose leaders were calling the Papal Seat, the real and true Antichrist. This Seat, or authority, is still maintained today in  like manner with the world hanging on every word that the Pope should utter next...(12)

Indeed, I state that all such Jesuit "futurist" theories such as the Rapture, pre-, mid-, post-, tribulation, rebuilding of a Jewish temple,(13) some Jewish antichrist figure,(14) and some literal Mark of the Beast, which changes about five times in each generation as to what the Mark could be, is untrue!(15)

I am going to stop here...For more information... order and read my book, while you can.

Joseph Spickard

  1) No one knows clearly in the popular interpretation of the Gentile church any conclusive reference in the Bible to the United States. I show otherwise. 

2) Not only does the Apostle Paul refer to this in the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians, but the Bible, throughout its content, relies heavily upon the prophetic word as its source of inspiration (Amos 3:7).

3) Sir Issac Newton confirmed this by stating: "Giving hear to the Prophets is a fundamental characteristic of the true Church." 

4) Called "cosmos" in the Greek, usually translated "world," which means "man's orderly system or establishment." See Strong's Bible Word Dictionary

5) "Hirelings" is found eight times in the Young's Concordance to the King James Bible. Twice, Jesus referred to "hirelings" as false shepherds and guides.

6) Have you ever heard a sermon or preaching about such "hirelings?" No, you haven't! I have been in hundreds of services and meetings all my life in  the popular Church and have yet to hear about these "hirelings." Why? Is it because the subject is too close to home?

7)  A polity is that which has a rule,form or system of government.

8) I used to hear this all the time in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. In the 1990's, this idea started to wane. Now, you hardly hear mention of it.

9) I already have, a list compiled of the so-called popular preachers of today that are saying this. It appears that Billy Graham is one of these.  Instead, Graham and these others should just admit that their preaching could not turn such a tide of immoral depravity due to the lack of the power of the Holy Spirit to back their preaching. This was not an issue in the Early Church as the New Testament disciples preached with "signs following!" Amen. 

10) This is what Brother Andrew, the famed Bible smuggler, ironically attested to in an article with Christianity Today many years ago.  

11) Amazingly, the deluded followers don't bat an eye. They have been following this sort of schizophrenia for years and years, indeed, for over a century!

12) Any cursory study of history regarding the Protestant Reformers will demonstrate this belief which is a complete dichotomy with the views of modern Christendom. The Reformers are now seen as archaic, and antiquated. Incredible.

13) I have never understood this premise or why it would be so important. The idea of animal sacrifices as a form of efficacy for human sin is repelling in these modern times.  The only reason that it was done in antiquity was that it was a type in which Christ would fulfill all such obligations with the offering of himself. Now that Christ has done so, the veil of the Temple has been rent, and it will never revert again to such an antiquated, atavistic act. 

14) This false premise always identifies this super-human type antichrist as a Jew. Besides being anti-Semitic, it is also seeks to label Christ himself as this very antichrist at his appearing. 

 15) I am probably simplifying this. In my lifetime, it has changed more than this number. It has went from Social Security cards to numbers; numbers tattooed literally on hands and foreheads ala Jack Chick's postulation; to bar codes in the same body areas; to UPC's; to micro-chips; to eye iris recognition; to credit or debit government cards; to debit numbers on your body; to national database identity cards; to more insertion of super-micro chips; to now, universal surveillance systems, and soon, the placement of nano-chip identifying systems inserted into humans simply via an inoculation or vaccine. This whole theory has changed to whatever the newest fad technology is. And, with the ever more modern application of such a "mark," the further this theory gets farther from what the Bible really says about such a "mark." 

Think about it.

The answer is very simple. It is symbolic or prophetic, or figurative language... not literal. The whole of the prophecy in the Book of Revelation is figurative. But when it comes to the Mark and this other stuff,... well, it is all literal, like some "B"-made horror movie.

Someone is playing the role of the Wizard. They have been spinning the dials and the screen images for some time now. Many people need "Toto" to peel away the curtain so that we can all get back to Kansas, instead, of this incredible fantasy world of Dispensationalism. In addition, when people start following the money... they can get off the "yellow-brick road," and get back on the path of the Nazarene. Many of today's believers are being used, duped, and treated like fools. Don't be a statistic... be a Saint...follow the way through the Narrow Gate.