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Ministry Needs

I am reluctant to ask for donations as the greed of popular Christianity appalls me. Their incessant demands for money for the bloated lifestyle of their clergy and institutions brings a great deal of reproach from unbelieving individuals, who are correct in their criticism of such unabashed avarice. The Universal (or, Catholic) Church alone, is worth trillions of dollars, yet continues to beg without shame from its members, who have little or no financial means, which is  the case here in the nation of Panama. In the village that I live in, they possess the most modern and largest building in the area and own large land parcels, yet have donation displays  in prominent businesses  asking  yet for more...money from the public. Yet, they are not alone. Nearly all the  organized Protestant and Pentecostal groups here, use even more sophisticated and manipulative techniques, to brazenly gather funds to mimic the lifestyles of the Televangelists and others of the "Prosperity Gospel" ilk, in the United States. Indeed, one such pastor drives one of the biggest , widest and newest SUVs  in the area... while his church members walk or ride a bike...

As an individual Christian believer, I am deeply ashamed of such activities and such behavior going on under the guise of "genuine" Christianity, and the use of Christ's Name to promote such egregious fraud. Such abusers  are  as Paul described: "Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things" (Philippians 3:19).

It is a moral outrage... especially considering the economic welfare of the populace. I get asked frequently by the people here about this abuse, as they are not ignorant of  religious fraud, and are adept in discerning such disingenuous ministries and churches.  

 However, the Scriptures do teach that ministers should not  "go to warfare on their own charges," and that "the laborer is worthy of his hire." Thus, if you have received edification of your faith, and spiritual graces and blessings as a result of such ministry,..."is it not too much to expect if we reap material things from you" (1 Corinthians 9:11, ESV; The Original New Testament, renderings).

 The general population of Panama is not well-to-do, and  are similar in some respects economically to other Latin American countries. There is not an equitable distribution of wealth as compared to Western nations. To give a further idea of the economic scale here,  the average family lives on approximately $300-$400 a month. The average professionally degreed school teacher here, for example, works for about 10% of the wage structure of the same profession in the  United States. Hence, the needs here are somewhat more profound than in the United States, as survival is a more relevant issue, despite the Economic Snare of the Crunch that the U.S. is experiencing. 

Please consider prayerfully the ability that God has placed into your hands to Increase the Faith of Others in which the Ability to Prophesy is Manifest to "destroy the Works of the Devil" (Acts 10:38).

My present needs in ministering in the local area are :

 >Those who have a Spirit of Prayer and wish to support my work by this medium. Prayer is the secret to Power with God. Those who have this gift I wish to solicit their support. The greatest prayer need that I have at present, is for God to anoint the hearers as there is so little real faith in the churches that I speak to. This needs to be remedied as the Spirit of God needs to get past this hindrance in order to work in a Singular and Powerful Way. I am not talking about converts and altar calls... I am talking about the Moving of the Spirit in which lives are dramatically changed, testimonies are gained, individuals are delivered and hungry souls  filled with the Holy Spirit. In short, things need to be turned upside down (Acts 17:6) as things cannot be done with old methods anymore from the Gentile Church Age. We must have the NEW WINE !! My personal need is that I gain more boldness in challenging the faith of the hearers which is the very same manner of Christ. Christ constantly challenged His hearers to have faith or an increase of it !

 Please contact me if you Possess the Gift of Prevailing Prayer...

In regard to monetary contributions...

 > Funds to hire a translator. I have outstanding speaking engagements in several venues. Local people are eager to hear Bible Prophecy and Prophetic speaking and how it relates to them. Sometimes, I get by on my meager Spanish. However, I am not particularly gifted in learning a foreign language and wish to present a professional approach worthy of the Kingdom of God.

> A laptop computer, two gig operating memory or higher, for displaying Power Point graphics in an audio-visual format, for use in Bible Prophecy teaching ( approximately $1000).

> Funds for publishing printed materials.

> Funds to rent a building for general meetings. In the Bible, when there was a larger meeting, the followers and disciples of Christ met in Solomon's Porch, on the grounds of the Jewish Temple. For larger meetings and outreach here, it is necessary to rent larger facilities. There are several excellent locations here where people are prone to congregate like the Athenians in Paul's time, and "spend their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or hear some new thing" (Acts 17:21).

 These are specific needs at present.

If you wish to contribute or donate funds (in U.S. funds), contact me below at the following :

                 By E-Mail :  editor@spickardssigns.com  

              Thank you for your consideration.  

 Attention to U.S. contributors: I am not a registered and regulated state-controlled ministry. I am opposed to the Union of Church and State and consequently am not subsidized at U.S. taxpayer expense. Thus, I cannot offer tax deductions for financial contributions or donations to potential contributors.