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May-June 2012 Prophecy Brief


The Gospel  is  Called "the Power of God unto Salvation"...Where is this  Gospel  Today? Where is this Power Working?  PART TWO



In the last Brief, I examined what Paul said in which he declared that the Gospel was first preached to Abraham. I then gave an account of the Promises given to Abraham which a covenant relationship with Yahweh was formed through which Abraham became "the friend of God." I also formatted a brief outline of Abraham's life in which Abraham believed God, through the revelation of faith. This revelation of faith to Abraham, which he believed, was accountable to Abraham as righteousness. Associated with this belief, was a resultant obedience to God. Indeed, the Lord confirmed the Promises given to Abraham were also to Isaac in that, "Because that Abraham obeyed my Voice, kept my Charge, my Commandments, my Statutes, and my Laws" (Genesis 26:5).

Hence, we see the very important symbiosis of Biblical believing faith... hearing and doing.

I will in this Brief, continue to discuss the Genuine Gospel by examining its updated form preached by Christ.




When Jesus taught the Gospel, he referred to it as the "Gospel of the Kingdom." This Kingdom was good news, especially to those Jews under natural and spiritual oppression through the Roman Rule and its illegitimate appointees: the House of Annas as the recognized, yet illegal priesthood of Judea. Yet, this Kingdom was yet in the future, when ALL the inhabitants of the earth, not just the Jewish People, would then be blessed.

  ^ THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM... Abraham was promised from God a literal geographical area of land which was from the River Nile  to the Euphrates River. This is recorded in Genesis 15:18. This Land (pictured above left) is to be Given to Abraham and "his seed, " meaning Christ and a People of Faith (see Galatians 3:16, 29). This Land tract is quite similar to a art rendition of the territory of the New Jerusalem (above right) in the Coming Kingdom Age of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This literal Kingdom will occur at the Return or Second Coming of Christ. Hence, the fulfillment of the Land given to Abraham and the Fulfillment of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ sitting on a literal throne in what will be the "New Jerusalem" is the same Promise. THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS, or GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM! 


Jesus taught that "to enter this Kingdom," one must believe the Good News regarding it. This also implies that those that believe must be qualified  to become recipients of its blessings. Specifically, in Christ's discourse to Nicodemus, he spelled out in a more complete fashion how to gain admittance to this Kingdom. Christ told Nicodemus that a person had to be "born from above," or "born again" spiritually to be a candidate for the Kingdom of God, saying, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see (enter) the Kingdom of God"  (John 3:3).

When Nicodemus objected to the teaching because of his natural understanding, Jesus clarified it further by saying. "Except a man be born of the water, and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of Spirit is Spirit" (verses 5-6).

Jesus told Nicodemus not to marvel about it, but that being "born again" is a necessity.  

The Biblical account does not record anymore of the reaction of, comments or further questions by Nicodemus. Yet Nicodemus became a believer in Christ as the Gospel accounts imply.  

To summarize what was told then to Nicodemus, was that a man, in believing the Gospel or the Good News of the Kingdom, that in order to become a part of it, he must be "born again," or "born from above."

> IT TOOK only eight verses in the third chapter of the Gospel of John for Jesus to introduce and explain to Nicodemus the prerequisite of being "born again," or as the Greek terms it, "being born from above."

However, it took the Doctor Billy  Graham 240 pages of  verbiage to make money by selling a book,  Born Again, that does not confirm any
thing that Jesus said to Nicodemus. Instead, it is all subterfuge. You have to make up your own mind who to believe... Christ or Graham....... (My position on Graham is that he has deceived millions and is in actuality, a Freemason and a Illuminati Frankist... To see something deeply disturbing about Graham, follow this link here: Billy Graham /Jean Dixon

Instead, this should be easy. Being "born again," is  two different acts, or births.  One is the "birth of the water," and the other is the "birth of the Spirit" (John 3:5). But if believers are relying on the System for salvation and what the System says, then it all gets complicated more and more. This is characteristic of the System and happens when you get lost on the "Broad Way" as opposed to the "Narrow Way."  This is why the Scriptures should  ONLY be the TESTIMONY for salvation-- not a bunch of theologians splitting hairs over, which in the final analysis,  amounts to nothing except for millions trusting in a false System, rather than a Living Savior. 

        ^ PETER EXPLAINED, above and below right,  what both of these BIRTHS were in his Preaching on the Day of Pentecost in which he stated, "Repent, and be baptized (in water, i.e., 'the birth of the water') EVERYONE of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit ('birth of the Spirit'). For this Promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all them that are afar off (those Jews who lived in other lands as a result of judgment and dispersion, as the Gospel had not yet went to the Gentiles..see Acts 10:34-48), even as many as the Lord our God shall call (that is, of the Gentiles)" (Acts 2:38-39).  Should you believe Peter or someone like Graham who is described as a "Prophet With Honor" on a book cover when Jesus was not, as according to Bible Prophecy (Mark 6:4; John 4:44)?  

This is what the New Testament teaches how to be "born again." This is not some nebulous formula or formulas that have only been around the last 150 years or so as a result of  "easy believism" in the Popular Church. Real believing, or Bible Faith, always is "hearing" and then, "doing." And that is exactly what "three thousand people" on the Day of Pentecost DID BY OBEYING... being baptized in water and baptized in the Spirit. The Popular Church has engaged in a SHELL GAME, left, for nearly all of its existence in marginalizing the truth and import of really being "born again."                                       

Should any professing Christian believer really settle for less? 


 I will continue this provocative series in the next Brief with considerably more Bible proofs which have been ignored, neglected and apostatized from since the Early Christian Church founded by Messianic Jewish Believers and in-grafted Gentile believers. I invite you to study your Bible with me in determining what the Gospel is with the coming Advent of the "Latter Rain" Revival, or Holy Spirit Outpouring, which will confirm what is the Genuine or Everlasting Gospel.         



<  A 1988 edition of  THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE  predicted a world currency in thirty more years, or by the year 2020. They even had a name for it, THE PHOENIX. In ancient Mythology, the Phoenix is a "firebird" that is resurrected from ashes to become Immortal. Considering that the original national bird of the U.S. was a Phoenix before the American Eagle replaced it, could the "Phoenix" currency be resurrected from the remains of the American Dollar which has an Eagle on it, replace the Dollar, and soar to new heights as a World Currency?

This should not be a long stretch. The U.S. Dollar is STILL the world's Reserve Currency and that is a status that any other world currency that would replace it, must attain. 


 Are the "Rich Men" of the Bible in Control? Are They Pulling the Strings of the Dollar & the U.S. Economy? What Qualities and Characteristics Given by the Bible will Tell us what to Expect or How to Prepare? PART TWO



In Part One, I outlined briefly the U.S. National Debt which is approaching $16 Trillion and its future debts called Unfunded Liabilities which are in excess of $200 Trillion. As a result of this fiscal situation, many experts are saying that the U.S. Government is becoming insolvent and will be unable to pay its bills in the near future. Other experts are stating that hyper-inflation of the U.S. Dollar is inevitable. Hyper-inflating the Dollar would cause it to collapse.

I also introduced the Federal Reserve System of the United States. I established, by admission of the U.S. Government itself, that the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation. It is engaged in the Monopoly of managing the American currency and economy, printing its money, and loaning this money at interest to the Government when they overspend. I examined several of the shareholders of the "Fed" and found them to be oligarchical financiers located primarily in the centre of London, England known  as "The City." Everyday, these oligarchs in the City fix the price of gold, silver and other commodities and regulate global commerce and trade and micro-manage economies of every size and scale. 




 Many Americans believe that the U.S. Government owns the U.S. Dollar. They are mistaken. No where on any denomination of the U.S. Dollar is there any such evidence. 

 ^ THE U.S. DOLLAR. No where on this bill will you find any kind of evidence of ownership by the U.S. Government. However, listed prominently above the wording, "The United States of America," you will find the heading, "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE." Just below the wording above, you will find in small print: "This Note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." In addition, you will find that this "note" is issued, not by the Department of the U.S. Treasury as designated by the U.S. Constitution, but by a Federal Reserve Branch Bank out of San Francisco, California. On the reverse side (not shown), you will find wording "In God We Trust." Beside, this wording is the "God" that is trusted, the ALL-SEEING EYE of HORUS atop a Pyramid with inscriptions in Latin, announcing that "'He' has favored our Undertaking of the New World Order." The Omnipresent Eye of Horus is regarded as "Lucifer" in Egyptian Mythology ( William Schnoebelen's book, Masonry:  Beyond The Light, p. 197) and is also drawn from the Book of Job in which Satan has been "going to and fro...walking up and down in the...earth." That the Capstone in which the Eye is contained in has not yet settled on the base of the Pyramid, but still floating in mid-air, indicating that there is still some more work to do in fully setting up and inaugurating the much heralded, often delayed, but eventually DEAD ON ARRIVAL, New World Order!

The date, 1776, commemorating the start of this ambitious enterprise is not the date of the American Revolution and subsequent War of Independence, but rather the date in which on May 1, 1776 that the cabal cult of the Oligarchy known as the Illuminati was founded.

While you will not see any claim of ownership of the U.S. Dollar by the U.S. Government, you will see ownership by virtue that this money is a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, that is ISSUED BY A FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, and that this NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS.

 Ergo, the U.S. Dollar is totally controlled and owned by the Federal Reserve Private Corporation. There is little chance that the Federal Reserve is going to let the greatest wealth builder in world history, charging usury for worthless debt generated money or "Federal Reserve Notes" go completely defunct. It would be completely out of character for them to do so according to the Bible.




The Bible predicts during the very Last Days, or or "End Times," that a class of men would develop and become an Oligarchical Cabal. The "End Times" commenced in June, 1967. Since that time, these men have effectively ended the "Times of the Gentiles" by controlling nearly every aspect of formerly Gentile control or dominion. This has happened in all echelons of government, media, entertainment and economy. These "Rich Men," as the Bible calls them, would control vast wealth and resources and control credit. This is exactly what has happened. These "Rich Men" who reportedly control anywhere from One Quadrillion Dollars (U.S.) and more are the same people who run the Federal Reserve and other Central Banking schemes around the globe. If you understand the traits and character of these men, according to the Bible, then you can understand why they would never let go of a "good thing" as their GREED is ENDLESS!




  The Apostle James describes, by the Spirit of Prophecy, this class of men in that they have "heaps and heaps" of treasure accumulated in the End Times. By virtue of this excessive wealth, they can control labor and defraud workers on a mass scale resembling that of, slavery. The outcome of this modern slavery is that the worker produces much, much more in comparison for what he receives and in many instances cannot maintain a viable standard of living for his family without his spouse working also.

This unfair compensation makes the labor of the worker so much more gain to those exploiting him. The very essence of all this kind of slavery is fraud in which the worker actually believes the lies and propaganda of such mottoes as the "American Dream," now mocked by New World Order adherents such as former President Bill Clinton, himself. 

The words, "living in pleasure," and "wantonly" indicates in the Greek, to live delicately and luxuriously, in complete ease while indulging every whim, indulgence, instant gratification and lust in a lewd, perverted, depraved, and deviant manner. Is this is not the life style that is revealed in scandals involving the Elitists in which they express no shame when they are finally exposed?

Finally, these men will "weep and howl" for the "miseries to come upon them," signifying loud crying and lamentations with increasing dread of God's Special and Unique Judgment to follow upon them.

The special characteristics of these men are then as follows:

> They have exceptional greed. They have hoarded much more wealth than they will ever use... Their Greed is never ending and used to manipulate, buy out, and control others for their immoral purposes.

> They use the power of deception and lies, by disinformation through controlled media, to manipulate labor and to defraud them of a livable wage, thus ensuring the "rich get richer." 

> They engage in absolute idleness and a life of complete ease. The only work that they do is to increase the miseries of the "slave" class which they do so with relish.

> They are deviants in every sexual function and cannot engage in enough depravity, gratification and even murder, with the slaughter of those opposing them and their sociopath agenda.                    

It can then be understood that by destroying the Dollar and the wealth creation machine in printing Dollars, it would be a quite a conflict for their ever expanding greed. Greed is a sickness and is well documented that such people engaged in it, can never have enough till it destroys them. This type of Greed, in which "heaps and heaps of treasure" are accumulated mandates that nothing should be lost that could otherwise be expropriated. Based on this trait alone, it is hard for me to believe that the Dollar would go defunct unless there is a suitable alternative to maintain gain.


In the next Brief, I will continue to examine the economic demise of the United States and what it may mean for its monetary unit, the Dollar. I will examine some behind-the-scenes activities that show the U.S. Government has a long way to go to ever go into bankruptcy... as it is still the most absolute richest nation in the world although the Chinese Economy is poised to surpass the U.S. economy.