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May-June 2010 Brief

PEDOPHILE SCANDALS AGAIN ROCK INSTITUTION: Why Such Revelations  Will  Never  End !...

Despite Papal Apologies & Assurances, Problem  is Pandemic, not Only Among Catholic Priesthood but Popular Christianity too.. WHY ?                          _______________________

 Roman  Catholic Church's  Sex Abuse &  Pedophile Scandal Now Goes  Global

 While sex abuse and  pedophile  scandals are  still are rocking the  Roman Catholic Church in the United States with  American Roman Catholics  paying  out over $2 Billion in damages over sexual abuse cases since 1950, with payouts alone in 2007 of $615 million, the problem is now going global.

Now new revelations have come out in other nations recently such as Ireland, Germany and Brazil. The cases in Germany may be linked to the Pope’s own brother !

Why are such sex scandals involving children and young adults  exposing  the Roman Catholic  Priesthood as the largest pedophile sex ring in the world ? Why are there so many Perverts  posing  as Priests ?

 < Lucifer's Lodge : Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church by William Kennedy, details the Pedophile problem in the Catholic Church and links these scandals to Frankists (Frankists comprise the highest levels of the Illuminati and are apostate Jews) who have infiltrated the   highest echelons of the  Catholic Church. ALL THE PEDOPHILE PRIESTS PROFILED IN Lucifer's Lodge ARE THOUGHT TO BE FRANKISTS !

Frankists have also infiltrated the highest levels in commerce, media, religion, and government,  especially in the United States.  The Frankists, Sabbateans (another Apostate Jewish cabal ) and the Illuminati, among other esoteric groups, represent  what is called the "Rich Men" in the Bible because  of their great wealth. This phenomenon of the "Rich Men" is revealed in the "End Times of the Last Days" (roughly a period from 1967 to present). The Roman Catholic Church directly pressured the formation of this cabal known as the Illuminati in Conspiracy Literature, by persecuting Jews in the Middle Ages and beyond, particularly in the Spanish Inquisition, by forcing them to accept Catholic Christianity. It was the wish of some Jews to overcome the yoke of cruel Catholic anti-Semitic persecution that led them to initially embrace Sabbatianism from which Frankism evolved. These Jewish "Conversos,"  are  also called  "Marrano" Jews. Famous Marrano Jews are the Rockefeller Family and Jacob Weishaupt, a Catholic Jesuit Jewish Theologian (who also founded/reformed  the Illuminati ), and the followers of Jacob Frank, now in turn, exhibit clandestine control in, and collaboration with,  the Catholic Church.            

Sabbateanism was a 17th-century C.E. Jewish Messianic movement in which its leader, Shabbetai Tzvi, claimed to be the Messiah. Tzvi maintained that the Messiah would have to sin    before he could bring redemption of the Jewish People. Jacob Frank encountered the  Sabbateans in his travels. Frank reworked the concept of Tzvi's Sabbatean " Messiah who  sins" in encouraging adherents of the movement to engage in sin, with the logic that if salvation could be attained through holiness from sin, it could also be achieved through indulging in  sinfulness. Thus, the  practices of the Frankists consist of orgiastic, sexually promiscuous rituals. Rulers and Emperors, like Joseph II of Austria were subverted by Frank's own daughter, a beautiful woman known as Eva Frank and  by the process of hierogamy (sex with a goddess, or representative or prostitute dedicated to a pagan deity or demon, which is what Eva Frank was represented to be) was initiated into Frank's cult. This same hierogamy existed in Pagan fertility worship and was also popular in the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, which led to their downfall and eventual captivity. Hierogamy also exists  in Satanic rites as "everyone in the Craft" is aware of "when one has sex with a Satanist, demons"  or evil spirits, such as lust and sexual bondage"are transmitted into the other partner, as that person ' becomes one flesh' with the  seducing Satanist"  or Satan, in which the Satanist is standing in for ! 

^  THE MOVIE, EYES WIDE SHUT is said to be about Frankist sexual rites and based on a 1926 novella Dream Story by Arnold Schnitzler. Schnitzler  was either a Jewish Frankist himself or quite familiar with Frankist practices as shown in this feature film remake of his work by Stanley Kubrick.  Schnitzler was an outrageous philanderer in his lifetime and kept a detailed diary of his multiple sexual trysts and, ...even his orgasms. Kubrick apparently had some Frankist connections to want to remake this novella, also but did not  live long enough to see the film released... Perhaps, he revealed too much... The words, "eyes wide shut," is a mystical phrase used in Monarch Mind Programming and Satanic Cults meaning "whatever you see, don't reveal," which was the theme of the movie. It should be noted, that the sexual rituals and activities featured in this film go back to the 1920's, thus showing that this is NOT a new phenomenon... and that Frankism was alive and well in that era as well as today in the Catholic Church. Indeed, after Jacob Frank (shown right ) was on the scene long enough to espouse his "mystery religion," what was known as the "Hell Fire Club" sprang up in conjunction to Frank's "sacred sexuality" practices in the 18th-century. American Revolutionary Patriot and Freemason,  Benjamin Franklin was a frequent guest to this Club in England. 

 Jacob Frank, who claimed to be a Messiah of the very spirit of Tzvi, taught his followers to convert to another religion and hide behind that religion to practice their Satanism, hence the Frankists converted to Catholicism en masse in 1759 amid a great deal of fanfare. This action also meant that Frankists would integrate with existing Sabbatean elements in the Roman Catholic Church to facilitate eventual takeover of the Vatican.

Another one of Frank's prominent teachings was the accumulation of wealth and riches, even by the most devious and criminal actions, thus this is why the Bible calls such the formation of "The Rich Men."

Frank lived out his life supported by his large following and subsidized by European nobility. Frank nominated his daughter Eva or Eve, to continue the work of his movement until her own death in 1816. She became the object of a devotional subcult herself, with some followers keeping small statues of her in their homes or pictures of her portrait. A copy image of her portrait is a very rare find.

 < ONLY A THUMBNAIL IMAGE of Eva Frank is available of an portrait commissioned by her father in the late 18th Century. Eva Frank was regarded as a very beautiful, intelligent, and charming woman. The official portrait of her is a well guarded   relic available only to practicing Frankists. A priest profiled in Lucifer's Lodge showed his devotion to her when he went back into his burning house to retrieve her portrait. Supreme Court Justice Lewis Brandeis, a known Frankist, was also a Eva Devotee and kept a framed portrait of her on his very desk. 

More on this in the next part of this series....



The Bible Prophesies That Such "Wickedness  in High Places"... and "Unfruitful Works of Darkness...Meeting in Secret" Does Indeed Exist !... What is on Their Agenda ?   PART   ONE


 If it were not for the study of Mr. Fritz Springmeier, we would  know little of this ceremony which is conducted every 28 years by the hierarchy of the Illuminati, or who the Bible describes as the “Rich Men.” According to Springmeier, this “Feast” commenced in 1618 among early Illuminatus which consisted primarily then of Sabbateans and Frankists . Both are classifications of apostate Jews opposed strenuously then and now by true Orthodox Jewry.

The purpose of these year long meetings is to honor Lucifer or Satan, and invoke his presence to the extent that either he (which is unlikely) or rather a cadre of evil spirits give “messages” to the Illuminati leadership on how or what focus to take in implementing the “Grand Plan of the Ages,” or Luciferian World  Government  and control.

No information is available on these meetings to any extent until the “Feast of the Beast” which occurred in 1868-9, in which Springmeier writes about in his book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati .

 < Receiving Messages From the Dark Side at the 1868-9 "Feast of the Beast" were Guiseppe Mazzini, left, and Albert Pike, below right. Manzini, characterized by history books simply  as a Class Revolutionary, was selected by the Illuminati to replace its founder, Adam Weishaupt. Mazzini was one of the first modern Nihilists. He is also credited in forming the crime syndicate, the Mafia.  General Albert Pike, accused of brutality and desecration upon  fallen Union soldiers in the Battle of Pea Ridge in the Civil War, is the most celebrated Scottish Rite Freemason in its history. He became accomplished in Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and continental Masonic traditions and incorporated extensive esoteric content into the woodwork of Freemasonry ( ...early Freemasonry was made up of several decent and honorable men... such as George Washington and other Founders of the American Republic... yet Washington admitted in his private correspondence that the Illuminati was attempting to take over and to use Freemasonry as a vehicle for its own aims... which it subverted not long afterwards, similar to the Zionist Movement and popular Christianity,  unknown to its general Lodge membership therein.... ) by writing its most classic work, Morals And Dogma. In this work, Pike  admitted Luciferianism. Though considered a  science by its adherents in many occultic circles, in simple Christian terms, Hermeticism is a  Greek recognition of image veneration, or Demon (greek, daimon) worship. Rosicrucianism, seemingly clothed in ancient symbology of Egyptology, is rather a Christian/ Hermetic Movement taking modern shape as early as the 15th Century, was very popular in the mid- 19th century in the United States.  Abraham Lincoln, for example, was a high level adept Rosicrucian.  Pike had a photographic memory and knew up to fifteen languages. He had a strong association with Ultra-Occultist and Theosophist Madame Elena Blavatsky. Rumors later emerged in connection with accusations and charges that Pike could conjure the Devil (a practice no doubt supplemented from the Feast of the Beast convocations) and engaged in sexual orgies similar to those associated with Black Masses ( History of Witchcraft and Demonology by Montague Summers).

 In this “Feast,” ample instructions were given to Albert Pike and Guiseppe Mazzini according to Springmeier. These plans included :

~ Plans for three World Wars, in which the last war would be the War of Armageddon. Of which two of them, World War I and World War II, have been achieved. Pike’s written outline on World War II has been  stunningly fulfilled.

~ Laid out additional plans in the Period of the War of Armageddon for the Rise of Nihilism and Anarchy in which the world would be thrown into chaos. Unrestrained immigration in the United States and Europe will contribute to this global unrest.

~ Initial plans for a mock-alien invasion were given at this Feast. Since that time, the Illuminati and their stooges have created a sophisticated scheme of fraud, of which the instigation of a mock alien invasion is implemented... to persuade the global populace to embrace a New World Order to protect themselves from an Alien Civilization and Invasion.

  > NO SOONER than the ink had dried on the Plan given by the Dark Side to Mazzini and Pike, that the earliest photo of a "cigar-image" UFO was taken in 1871, about two years after the 1868-9 "Feast." This looks very much like the later blimps and dirigibles that came into use  a generation later like the Hindenburg. "Alien Theory" was already at work... using secret government technology at that time, ...later shared with industry. 

           In the next “Feast of the Beast” in 1896-7,
further plans were finalized for the start of World War I. Also, discussed were the increase of contrived appearances of UFOs to be seen in isolated areas and disinformation utilized  by Illuminati  Prophet  H.G. Wells, whose  novel,  War  of  the  Worlds   was published the very next year. Before the next “Feast of the Beast” all secret occult fraternities were facilitating the creation of an fake alien invasion.
            In  the  next “Feast of the Beast” in 1925,
little is known of the agenda, but the worldwide economic meltdown known as the “Great Depression” was surely discussed, as well as plans further ironed out for the start of World War II of which the “Great Depression” helped instigate, had to be “front-burner” topics. The advances of Tesla Technology also had to be reviewed and what part of this technology would be utilized in the next World War. Such uses of radar, sonar, rocket  and jet propulsion, and possibly, atomic weapons, were discussed and accepted.
In the 1953-54 “Feast of the Beast,” another vehicle of strategic planning, the Bilderberg Group, was given emphasis in carrying out the agenda of the “Feasts.” Also discussed was the ramping up of increased sightings of UFO’s and the growth of Tesla Technology. Also, information was given that the U.S. shift from a conventional weapon military to an emphasis on nuclear weapons, thus fueling the “atomic  race,” and the “age of the atom.” This was a cover for even more destructive weaponry created by black budget projects. In addition, the eventual demise of the United States was also discussed as well as the end of the Soviet Union which would later be resurrected under nationalist, autocratic Russia. Also  revealed was to increase the hostilities between Jew and Arab in the Middle East by constant turmoil and phony peace initiatives and movements. 
In the next Brief, I will examine Part 2 of this study, in which contemporary and modern "Feasts of the Beast" have caused major policy shifts despite things being under the control and sway of the Evil One through the agency of the "Rich Men." 
                             Will there be more "mood swings" among the Messages imparted to the Elitists, which can potentially delay and postpone their Grand Plan ? 

We will see.....



There is a connection between Marxism and a group of Satanists called Frankists. One of the strongest satanic cults to take control over the Jewish population was called Sabbatianism. Jakob Frank assumed the role of leader of this group, and afterward this brand of satanism was called Frankism. (Freud’s
sexually-obsessed theories came from Frankism.) Frank taught his followers to convert to another religion and hide behind that religion to practice their satanism. (One of several book on the subject of Frankism is The Contemporary Faces of Satan by Ratibor-Ray M. Jurjevich.)

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