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March 2011 Prophecy Brief


  NASA Project "Blue Beam" and other Secret Plans,  Using HAARP Technology to Create Worldwide Deception... Taking Over Christianity,  PART 6  OF A SERIES...



 There is one individual among the many popular Christian ministries who is a leading voice and foremost influence in advocating Project Blue Beam propaganda and the Great Plan of "alien theory," which has been in the works for 140 years by the Illuminati. He has masked such propaganda with Biblical and apocryphal terms as to give such "alien theories" credibility with Biblical authority. 

He is a man who was a protege of and was recruited by the suspect Hal Lindsey himself.

His name is Chuck Missler.

Mr. Missler heads up his ministry, Koinonia House,  in   which  he  disseminates  newletters,
videos, audio cassettes, CD's, books and other published material. Usually you can tell some things  about people by their associations. Seated on Missler's board of Directors on his religious corporation is Pat Matrisciana.

Matrisciana is a  confessed CIA Operative (link) working in "Christian"  circles. Matrisciana worked with Bill Bright and Chuck Smith, linked to New World Order and /or intelligence operatives, in starting the Campus  Crusade for Christ and the so-  called Jesus Movement in 1971. Matrisciana admitted that he was assigned by the "Agency" to Berkeley, California as early as 1965 in order to facilitate social change through the drug counter culture of the "hippie" movement and later, "Jesus freaks" movement. Indeed, Matrisciana claimed to have invented the "Jesus Freaks."
< ADMITTED CIA AGENT Pat Matrisciana. Pat was pretty busy while "assigned" to Berkeley CA in the late 1960's. First, he was instrumental with Bill Bright in founding Campus Crusade for Christ, a CIA front, and Athletes in Action, another intelligence funded front. Then, he was assigned to the Jesus Movement along with some other interesting CIA operatives such as Dene McGriff and Stevan Shearer, both military intelligence agents, later CIA. The real purpose of the Jesus Movement was for the Counter-Intelligence Community to integrate a supposedly grass-roots youth anti-establishment movement which supposedly featured personal experimental spiritual growth in a Body ministry with a well organized structuring of Christian Fundamentalism with Pentecostalism. This was to be basis later for Christian Zionism to take over popular Christianity. One real benefit of the Jesus Movement though, was that it awakened Jewish youth to a Messianic faith that was anti-Church and anti-traditional Christianity. Messianic Judaism has direct roots to this "contrived revival" which nonetheless, was used by God to the extent that Messianic Judaism is NOW the only and fastest growing segment of the present Christian faith. 
Matrisciana was also a known Intelligence asset for Richard Mellon Scaife,  a generational CIA operative and high level asset. Scaife's father helped start the original CIA, the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, during the Second World War.  
Matrisciana, despite his Evangelical Christian profession,    sits  on  a  front organization board for the Church of Scientology and has defended them from media attacks and exposes such as CBS' 60 Minutes program. http://www.seekgod.ca/cnp.m.htm#matrisciana

Both Matrisciana and Missler belong to a (NWO) funded organization called the Council for National Policy. This is a sort of a Christian right-wing Council of Foreign Relations. It serves as an antithesis with the CFR in a Hegelian dialectic that the New World Order likes to use. Certain members of the Council for National Policy have been linked to sex pedophile groups. According to the late Father Charles Fiore, of the Catholic Family Hour and protege of Malachi Martin and Satanically-ritually murdered Father Alfred Kunz,  claimed that, "Several CNP members have been close to or involved in deviant sex rings that litter the American political landscape." 
             CHUCK  GETS   HIS   START 
Missler started his ministerial  career under the tutelage of Hal Lindsey. Lindsey  had been involved with Matrisciana and Bill Bright's Campus Crusade, and then surfaced in a more prominent role in Matrisciana's Jesus Movement. Lindsey was featured as a prophecy teacher who bested a wanna-be shill Satanist in a mock discussion designed to gain publicity for himself. It is reasonable to suspect Lindsey of being an intelligence operative because of his association with both Matrisciana, Bright, Chuck Smith, and later Joseph Farah, of World Net Daily. Farah is heavily funded by the aforementioned Richard Mellon Scaife (see  http://watch.pair.com/database.html), though Farah denies it. When Lindsey eventually discredited himself with Evangelicals with  his many false prophecies and fake predictions and his five different marriages, true to form, Farah hired Lindsey as a columnist for World Net Daily.
Today, Lindsey no longer refers to himself as a Bible Prophecy teacher, but as a conservative political columnist who has intelligence ties. 
           CHUCK  &  HIS  PREDICTIONS 
Missler  started off in much the same fashion as Lindsey in promoting Futurism and making predictions.   In 1992, Missler predicted an imminent fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 in a book entitled, The Magog Factor. However, Missler's predictions never occurred in the time frame that he projected, nor were his facts accurate. Parts of the book were plagiarized from Edwin Yamauchi's ©1982 book titled, Foes from the Northern Frontier: Invading Hordes from the Russian Steppes. Missler finally admitted to plagiarism after several denials  and promised to correct the book in further editions. In 1995, Missler republished his book...without correcting the errors and crediting Yamauchi as promised... Missler was forced again to admit plagiarism. Missler has never had this book pulled from bookshelves.
In 1999, Missler published books, audiotapes and videos cashing in on the supposed Year 2000 computer date rollever disaster. On his videos, What to do When the Chips are Down, and Will America Survive the Y2K Crisis ?... was the blurb, "The Coming Y2K Computer Crisis Will Threaten Anyone Whose Faith is Not in God."
When the Y2K threat never materialized, Missler never apologized for his false statements and erroneous conclusions in which he expropriated tens of thousands of dollars from naive and gullible Christians, see....
These false statements about the supposed Y2K crisis is disturbing when Missler has on his work resume several jobs as a computer and technological expert... for example:
~ Missler founds the first international manufacturing computer network in 1966 while employed by Ford Motor Company.
~ Missler organizes a computer networking unit later obtained by Automatic Data Processing as its Network Services Division.
~ Missler is supposed to be a visionary in computer technologies in several top-secret military projects and systems. ALL OF WHICH REQUIRES TOP LEVEL SECURITY CLEARANCES... which clearances are much easier to procure if one is already an intelligence operative.
~ Missler was Director of Applied Services Corporation for data processing and computer information support systems for international oil companies, state gambling and lotteries.
~ Missler was on the Board of Directors of the Computer and Communications Industry Association.  
It doesn't quite appear then that Missler was forthright about his true beliefs about Y2K with his computer tech expertise, government contacts,  security clearances, and other specialized tech knowledge, and instead worked with global interests to defraud thousands and thousands of Americans by promoting disinformation and paranoia over a non-threat. This is typical of a NWO agent ...with his expertise in computer technology he had to have known that the Y2K rollover was a moot problem, but instead chose to deceive and exploit others for personal gain.
In another example, despite Missler teaching the popular beliefs of popular Christendom in embracing the System of Dispensationalism with its attendant future Antichrist and the coming "Mark of the Beast," Missler personally  funds the first microchip implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) ! 

How is that consistent with NOT taking the "Mark of the Beast" thought by Evangelicals to be a microchip ?

Actions such as these are indicative of a dissociative personality. A dissociative personality is one which a person professes a belief or system of beliefs, yet acts in a  highly efficient manner that completely contradicts his profession without any compunction.

Not so long ago Chuck Missler was at the:

God’s News Behind the News International Prophecy Conference 2000 – Orlando Florida, in April 2000.   Its speakers were: Jack and Rexella Van Impe, Morris Cerullo, Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffrey,  Ray Brubaker, Joe Van Koevering, Zola Levitt, J.R.Church, Gary Kah, and Bill Cloud.  
                  THEN later... The Quantum Leap II Conference – July 19-21 2007  (‘Quantum Leap’ is a popular new age idea of man’s spiritual evolution from human to divine.). It was hosted by:  The Gateway Christian Fellowship with speakers from The Elijah List, listed as follows:  
 > David van Koevering (The Elijah List,  New Age Occultist). As a visionary, his gift is the insight to see, and by this observation to cause, and then define and communicate what he saw to others.
> Chuck Missler, himself.
> JoAnn McFatter ( The Elijah List, New Age Occultist).
> Steve Swanson, Worship and Arts Director of Extreme Prophetic, which is ran by a Patricia King, again both of whom are with the Elijah List and are New Age Occultists.

  This  is typical of someone who is an operative of the New World Order to have dissociative behaviour involved in New Age Movements,  while promoting himself as a "born again" Christian believer.
Missler repeatedly tells Christians that they be not deceived... all the while, he is deceiving them...!!

Moreover, while  Missler  was  claiming to be exposing the New World Order and its total surveillance society... yet he, ... Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler is a special advisor to the SWANsat™ project and in partnership with it... 


 The Swanset Project which will put in place a system of three high-powered satellites into operation in space. These three super surveillance satellites will survey the whole world starting in the year 2014, and  Missler will help collect surveillance information to relay to government agencies and intelligence services...

Well, this  sounds very much like a covert intelligence operative or spy to me....and who is collecting spy data or intelligence.

Again, how is a Bible scholar that claims to be  in "opposition" to the Satanic New World Order openly working to establish the NWO regionalization of nations and their currency by helping form the African Union and its new currency, dubbed the AURIC ??? ( http://www.swansat.com/index.htm ).
It appears then that Mr. Missler is not a Bible teacher or a Prophecy expert, but actively working behind a "Christian" facade in promoting the formation of a New World Order.
And, quite a busy promoter he is,  by connecting the planet with three super wide area satellite networks, while being integral in promoting the New World Order plan of the African Union with its own regional currency. Which regional currency will be linked eventually to a global currency.
Mr. Missler's long list of work history in promoting the Illuminati New World Order is totally contradictory to his claim of "being a  spiritual watchman, exposing deception,...and  monitoring the sinister New World Order and its implications for Christian believers worldwide." 
 Again, this is typical of a dissociative personality indicative of someone involved in Illuminati  activities.
In the next Brief, I will examine another job of Mr. Missler  in how he promulgates "alien theory" by the use of Christian terms and teaching. 

 Can   Sir  Isaac  Newton, the 16-17th Century Genius in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy... & the  Christian  Religion... Figure in Determining the Reign of the Anti-Christ for the Modern Believer ? Part 1



 <Sir Issac Newton, a genius in mathematics,  astronomy,  and  in physics  , has been discovered to be a profound Bible student and exegete. Newton wrote four million words on theology alone. This is a singular feat in itself,  as this was all written by hand.

The controlled Church says  little to nothing about a man who probably wrote more on theology than any man of organized Christianity  ever did. The sheer volume of Newton's work,  about four million words,  eclipses all others. He even reluctantly set a year date for an general approximation of the Return of Christ, apologizing for his temerity in doing so, but explaining that the Scriptures gave enough clues to do so, in his opinion.  What significance does Newton have for us in these End Times ?  Does his gift and genius extend to our times ? What does he say in relation to the Length of the Reign of the Antichrist ? 
Newton  said  a few things about the End Times
that hardly anyone has ever heard of nowadays.  He linked the Prophecies in Daniel with the Prophecies in the Book of Revelation. Because of his influence and that of Joseph Mede and others, the doctrine of Dispensationalism could not make a dent in Evangelical Christianity until the late 19th century.  Dispensationalism, or the Futurist interpretation of the Book of Revelation, was easily seen for what it was, a creation of Catholic Jesuits to counter the claims of the Reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Tyndale, and others. It was later re-packaged to a subverted Evangelical Christianity by the guile of the "Rich Men" to control popular Christianity, so that their agenda could be advanced.  This is evident today ...as  no one exposes the origins of Futurism and Dispensationalism, all the while such erroneous teachings discredit the Bible... which, by the way, is the plan of the "Rich Men."

For Newton, biblical prophecy forecast the divinely-ordained events of the future. He believed the interpretation of biblical prophecy was "not a  matter of indifference but a duty of the greatest moment."  Prophecy allowed Newton to see history in advance. It also identified an evil, apostate system (Roman Catholicism)  that pure Christians must flee to avoid destruction and the wrath of God.
Newton believed  in God and that the Bible was God's revelation to man. He also believed that God was not bound by time as are humans, allowing Him to see the "end from the beginning". Thus, to use Newton's own words, he was convinced that "the holy Prophecies" of the Scripture are nothing else than "histories of things to come" At the same time, biblical prophecy is written in highly symbolic language that requires skilled interpretation. Newton rose to this challenge as he attempted to discover the future of the world in the words of the prophets.
As noted in last month's Brief, Newton believed that the Pope of Rome was the "Man of Sin,"  the "Little Horn" of Daniel, and the Antichrist of Revelation and elsewhere. Newton believed in the Historical or Continuous Interpretation of the Book of Revelation, as did the Reformers. The "time, times, and  a  half"  time, "three  and  a half years," the "forty-two months," and the "twelve hundred and sixty days,"  were all prophetic language repetitively used to describe the length of the Reign of the Antichrist. These time descriptions were all used to describe the same length of time as shown below:
Time, times, & a half-time = 1 + 2 + 1/2 =  3  1/2 Three and a half years       =                          3  1/2
Forty- two (42)  months      =        3  1/2  years
1260 days (which is 42 mo)     =        3  1/2 years
Hence all these illustrations are talking about the same time period. This Prophecy is based on the Jewish Calendar which was 12 months X 30 days... this was used by Antiquity until a Worldwide Earthquake which the Bible describes as happening in the Reign of King Uzziah in the 8th Century B.C.E.  This caused a Polar Shift and a tilt in the earth's axis which added 5+ days to the earth year and was eventually corrected to the modern 365 1/4 - day Julian calendar for a year. 
In determining the actual length of Bible Prophecy,  the Bible uses a "day for a year" rule in doing so. This is based on Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6 and the "Seventy Weeks" Prophecy of the Advent and Birth of the Messiah as recorded in the Book of Daniel. The Scriptures are quoted as follows: 
" After the number of days in which you searched the land, even forty days,  each day for a year, shall you bear your iniquities, even forty years, and you shall know what it is to breach my Word of Promise." ( Num. 14:34)).
 “After you have finished this, lie down again, this time on your right side, and bear the sin of the people of Judah. I have assigned you 40  days, a day for each year. (Ezek. 4:6, NIV).
Hence, the Rule and Reign of the Antichrist is a period of 1260 years.
 When  Did  the  AntiChrist  Rule  Begin ?
 Several Protestant Commentators and Advent Christian Movements have offered their thinking on this. They generally follow two different time periods. One time period designated "A," starts the 1260-year period of the Reign of the Anti-Christ from the Justinian Decree in 538 C.E. It was on this date, that the Emperor Justinian decreed that the Bishop of Rome had supremacy over all the Catholic Church. This decree established the temporal political power of the Bishop of Rome, later called Pope.
The end of this 1260-year period would be in 1798. In the year 1798, the French General Berthier captured the Pope and imprisoned him. This is considered by proponents of the "A" time period to be "head wound" to Papal Power and since that time, the Papacy has lost its temporal power and ability to "persecute" Protestants and other faithful Christians. Hence, the Papacy, though still around, is ceremonial in name only and powerless to exercise dominion and control as it had once before under the guise of the Holy Roman Empire.
The second school of thinking on this I label "B." These scholars are not sold on the 538-1798 dates as being the Rule and Reign of the Anti-Christ. "B" thinkers like a different set of dates and chronology as there appears to be a longer gap of time also to be considered. 
They think that the Reign and Rule of the Anti-Christ, the office of the Pope of Rome, started with the issuance of the Phocan Decree. This occurred in either 606 C.E., or 608 C.E., depending on the historian, with a "full effect" of this decree felt in 610 C.E.
Counting 1260 years then from 610 C.E.,  would bring that time period to a close in 1870 C.E.
What happened on this date ?  
Proponents of this "B" school say that in 1870 C.E., that the Pope lost his temporal power at the hands of King Victor Immanuel. In a sense of poetic justice, just earlier in 1869-70 C.E., Pope Pius IX had called a famous Church Council, the First Vatican Council. In this Council, the participants all decreed the doctrine of " Papal Infallibility." On the climax of this Claim, on July 18, 1870, mirrors were set up to reflect the Noon-day Sun which was supposed to use the Sun's reflection to emit a glory about the Papal Father as confirmation from heaven of the Pope's Infallibility. However, heaven thought otherwise as the weather did not cooperate at all as the sun did not shine that day and instead, a violent storm arose over Rome, its sky darkened and the cheers and acclaim of the Council's participants were lost in the cacophony of loud thunder. The very next day, the Franco-German War started and French troops were forced to withdraw from Rome to defend France. This gave an opportunity for the King of Italy to declare full sovereignty over Italy and he captured and imprisoned the Pope.
This "Prisoner of the Vatican" was thereby stripped of his remaining temporal power and Rome was no longer under the control of the Pope, but the capital city and seat of the government of Italy.  The London Times,  commenting on this historical event wrote, "Within the same year the Papacy assumed its highest spiritual exaltation to which it could aspire, lost the temporal sovereignty which it had held for a thousand years." 
Yet despite all the hoopla of this event, the Pope has recovered and still officiates from the Vatican in which States and Nations recognize the Pope and give him "political status" by establishing diplomatic relations with his office. The Pope, in his many travels around the globe, is treated as a " Head of State," with all appropriate honors that a Sovereign can receive. Indeed, whenever the Pope disembarks from his plane in a visit to a country, he bows himself and kisses the ground in a symbolic gesture that the nation's ground is still under the Spiritual Dominion of the Pope and Church of Rome. 
Even more alarming to the "A" and "B" proponents, is the fact that the Pope is more popular and more famous than ever. Everywhere the Pope goes... he is celebrity. In one of his visits to the United States, Pope John Paul II was treated respectively as a Sovereign, a Celebrity, a Media Magnet, and  practically as a Nietzschean UberMensch. This is defined to be  an extraordinary individual or "God-Man," who transcends human limits, such as adherence to morality, to live solely by near limitless power. Incredibly, the then President Clinton was seen constantly with the Pope as a sort of gadfly basking in the afterglow of the fanatical and mindless devotion of millions of American followers, Catholic and otherwise.
With such a performance as this, or one in which a Latin or South American country would even out-do the inordinate media attention that the United States poured out on the Pope, it is hard to conceive then that the Pope is a "prisoner," or " has lost powers," or is even "out to lunch."
In fact, the Pope is more popular than ever ! Instead of Kings and Princes kissing his hand in the Middle Ages, thousands do now, with millions in tow. In a recent appearance in Paris, France, the Pope was greeted by 250,000 people in an open-air Mass. The Pope is hoisted by accolades by not only his own churchmen, but by supposed Protestants whose praise outdoes his own faithful.
Evangelical Billy Graham goes so far as to that the Pope is the "Moral Leader of the World" and " the most influential Voice for peace and morality in the last 100 years" and finally this,  "the Greatest Religious Leader in the Modern World."  If you feel a rumbling under your feet,... then it is the Protestant and Catholic-dissenting Martyrs as recorded in the Foxe's Book of Martyrs, estimated to be 50 Million total...turning over in their graves at the shock of Billy Crusade's statements.
NO, the rule and reign of the Antichrist is not quite over yet as evidenced by the fame and celebrity of the Papal Office. In the next Brief, I will examine another set of dates with the help of Sir Isaac Newton.