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July-August '10

PEDOPHILE SCANDALS AGAIN ROCK INSTITUTION: Why Such Revelations   Will   Never  End !....

                            PART   TWO
Despite Papal Apologies & Assurances, Problem  is Pandemic, not Only Among Catholic Priesthood but Popular Christianity too.. WHY ..?                          _______________________

 Roman   Catholic Church's  Sex  Abuse/    Pedophile   Scandal     Going   Global....


      A  Brief  History of the Illuminati


As a result of the ongoing initial Spanish Inquisitions, Jews were targeted by the Catholic Church in Spain to - "convert or be killed" -. It was the desire of several Jews to overthrow the yoke of bitter Christian anti-Semitic persecution that led them to initially embrace Sabbatianism from which Frankism evolved. Thus, the Jewish leaders and Rabbis in Spain and elsewhere in Europe counseled Jews under such duress to "appear" converted, but remain secretly Jewish in personal practice,  in order to infiltrate the inner power structure of the Catholic Church. A large step in this progress came when the original  Illuminati Order known as the "Alumbrado," was founded by Spanish "Marrano" (converso) Catholic Jews, also known as "cryto-Jews." San Ignatius de Loyola was one such "Marrano" Catholic Jew, who in secret was an "Alumbrado."  As a cover for his actual Jewish practices, in which he was investigated and warned by Inquisitional authorities, Loyola became quite active as a Roman Catholic and founded the notorious "Jesuit" Order in Rome after leaving Spain. Many of the leading Jesuits were "crypto-Jews" who were appointed by Loyola. Yet, the "Illuminati" would have never been founded if not for the fanatical psychopaths of the Catholic Church that instituted pogroms, persecutions, and Inquisitions against  Jews.

 < Ignatius of Loyola, the first high profile Alumbrado, or Illuminati, to infiltrate the Catholic Church. Loyola was nearly found out by Inquisitional authorities in Spain of his secret Jewish practices. Reprimanded, he left Spain right away to Rome where he founded the Jesuits. The Jesuits are sworn to protect the Pope and his office, something that the Pope most welcomed due to the revelations of Papal abuse documented by Protestant Reformers. Loyola recruited several other "Alumbrado" or early "Illuminati," to the Jesuits. The head Jesuit today is called the Black Pope, and it is an intelligence gathering unit rivaling the British MI-5 or American CIA. It fingers in have been in many intrigues and cloak-and-dagger operations. For example, American President Abraham Lincoln declared that Jesuit intrigue was responsible for the Civil War, not slavery, as is widely and falsely claimed.

Hence, this is what occurred. The Jesuit Order became the most influential in the Catholic Church, and were secret Jews who "in name" were loyal Catholics. In addition, the Sabbatean Movement among Jews, sought accommodation with and infiltration  in Catholicism. Later, Jacob Frank and his Frankist movement was joined by Sabbateans as an extension of their movement. High level Jesuits, being original Illuminati based on their Alumbrado convictions, understood Frankist ideas and supported them as further means to infiltrate high levels of the Catholic Church.

 One such converted Jew, was Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit theologian and Rothschild Agent, who renewed, reformed and re-founded  the Illuminati Order in 1776 at the behest of the Rothschild Dynasty.  Jacob Frank also pledged to Weishaupt that his movement would join with the Illuminati. Weishaupt's "reforms" of the "modern-day Illuminati" were inspired by Jacob Frank's sex-magic practices or hierogamy.

  > The ridiculous idea of Jacob Frank that licentiousness and perversion could merit righteousness and holiness has found new adherents in the Frankist/Sabbatean/Illuminati ranks. Even today, Gershom Scholem, right, an prestigious authority on the  Kabbala, has further developed this scheme with a 1971 publication, The Holiness of  Sin . He also added a chapter in another publication of his, Messianic Ideas in Judaism, entitled... Redemption Through Sin.... thus, lending his credibility that the Messiah when he appears, will be sinful...the same as first advocated by, ... Jacob Frank... No, Jacob Frank is not dead, his twisted nihilism and  insane demon-possessed anarchy lives today stronger than ever.

Frankists continue to practice sexual orgiastic ecstasy as perhaps, their most  important spiritual sacrament. Jacob Frank and his followers were accused of rank sexual depravity as Frank taught that such sex perversion and depravity was... deep "theology of the body."

This is a very curious choice of words... as this was the same choice of words that Pope John Paul II used as his book title  on sexual relations... Theology of the Body... Now, we can maybe understand a little better why the Popes and the Vatican do all that they can to protect practicing Frankists and Sabbatean Catholic priests that are exposed as pedophiles and sexual perverts.

Soon after, the Rothschilds received the "mantle" from the Franks in which the Rothschild Dynasty in the 1820's C.E., used this Frankist/Sabbatean link to join with the Jesuits to further control and subvert the Catholic Church.  At the same time, Frankists went underground as their adherents went from one community to another to collect their clandestine records and writings as to make their trail to vanish as if they never existed. 

But in the passage of time, the economic and intelligence status of the Frankists became more and more undeniable. They founded industries, created businesses, built factories, and became leaders in Masonic and fraternal lodges and organizations. They founded their own secret holiday, the ninth of Av, in which this holiday became an extreme orgiastic frenzy to increase their dark spiritual power and influence based on the ritual sex sites of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Adolf Hitler was conceived on such a holiday rite) Frankists today, are an international cabal, and no longer call themselves by this name, but rather other esoteric terms such as the "Cult of the All-Seeing Eye," which logo is thought to be the one on the U.S. dollar bill.

The Frankist/Sabbatean Elite in contemporary times is a select group of brilliant minds, theologians and gifted literary figures, in addition, to being men of immense wealth and financial influence. Of course, they were formerly and still presently, captains of industry and merchant bankers which exerted tremendous power in European markets in the 19th century. Its ranks are now well populated and the time to study just a few of its families as Fritz Springmeier did in his book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, would take a large volume.


< FAMOUS FRANKISTS & SABBATEANS, to name a few, would be Samuel Untermeyer, left, who "discovered" C.I. Schofield of the "Schofield Bible" fame to promote the Rothschild themed Teaching of Dispensationalism which subverted Evangelical Christianity,  and placed Frankist Lewis Brandeis, on the U.S.  Supreme Court, right. Also,  pictured is World renowned Crusade Evangelist Billy "Frank" Graham left, identified as a Frankist by sources, along with Dr. Henry Kissinger , below right. Graham has deceived millions of Evangelical Christians with his dual-loyalty role,  while cheer-leading "One World Church" Ecumenicalism. calling Pope John Paul II, "the man of the century." Kissinger still wields immense power in U.S. politics and government. It is said that Hilary Clinton speaks with him daily as to what the agenda is  for that day. In addition, Dr. "K" recently "anointed" Republican party activist Sara Palin, as the front runner of that party's future presidential nominee for 2012.

And, no list of such as the above would be complete without the tremendous personage and influence of perhaps the greatest Sabbatean ever, who is Kissinger's mentor/boss, but  David Rockefeller, left. His contribution to the modern status and position of the "Rich Men" Cabal may only be matched by  Rothschild elements in the "City of London" themselves. Mr. Rockefeller is a most powerful man. 

Yet, the same formula is present in  Frankist circles which there are highly intellectual individuals obsessed with power and control to destroy values, religious mores and laws, with nihilism and anarchism to eliminate societal order and Western Civilization. They live double and triple lives, imitating religious orders of Protestants, Pentecostals, Charismatics and Fundamentalist Christians, Christian Cults adopting Judiastic practices in syncretized Christian worship (so-called "advent" movements) , Reform or Conservative Jewry, Catholic, and even Islamic clerics. All the while while engaging in such charades they promote their radical and revolutionary "fire in the minds" in private practice to undermine Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Is this subversion and control of the Catholic Church becoming obvious to some people ?

In the next installment, I will examine further what depths the Catholic Church has sunk to and also review and study the same phenomenon in Evangelical and Protestant Christianity.  



 The Bible Prophesies That Such "Wickedness  in High Places"... and "Unfruitful Works of Darkness...Meeting in Secret" Does Indeed Exist !... What is on Their Agenda ?   PART   TWO


 As introduced in the last Brief, there is a present ongoing meeting of the Hierarchy of the Illuminati, also called by the Bible as "The Rich Men," who in addition to their meticulous plans, carry on a convocation every 28 years or so called "the Feast of the Beast." This convocation has been in vogue for nearly 300 years and the purpose is to "divine" with the Dark Side in order to formulate the "Grand Plan of the Ages," which is Luciferian world government.

Many developments over the past 200 years as a result of these "Feasts" have emerged and have been implemented. For example, nearly 200 years ago the ideas for both the Suez Canal and Panama Canal were crafted and brought to fruition years later. The purpose of these canals were to promote world trade and the interdependency of world trade among nations, thus binding them more together to help create a New World Order.  

     ^ The Planning and Building of the Panama Canal  became a priority of the Illuminati which  was revealed in a "Feast of the Beast" convocation nearly 200 years ago. As depicted above, it radically reduced travel time and expense from sailing around the bottom tip of South America.   

I covered these "Feasts" since 1868 to nearly 1954 in Part 1 in which steady progress seemed to be made without any kind of opposition to these secret agendas formed out of such convocations.

 >These "Feast of the Beast" convocations may resemble this scene out of the film, Eyes Wide Shut ...based on Frankist practices...shown right. Or, it could resemble in some form the annual Illuminati get-together in Northern California known as the Bohemian Grove, below. The reported location for this "Feast" is said to be at a castle in Scotland, where it was also held in 1982. This year,  satellite locations, said to be among several, of which one will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 1982, Pope John Paul II reportedly attended the main  Beast convocation in Scotland. This  year, Pope Benedict, shown right, giving the Satanic hand signal of the Baphomet salute with both hands (thought to be a parody mocking Christ's words in the Gospels of  describing a "two-fold child of  Hell" )  is scheduled to attend the Beast Convocation in August, like his predecessor 28 years before. 

However, in the 1982 "Feast of the Beast," mixed signals, confusion, contradictions, miscommunications, plain lies, misinformation, prevarications and schizophrenic type thinking shifts started to occur with regularity among the messages given by the "Dark Side" to the Illuminati Elitists. These conflicting "messages" during these "Feasts" and their aftermath,  have caused delays and major policy shifts due to timing changes... despite the overwhelming control of the "Rich Men" and  agency of the "Power of the Air" upon the world populace. 

          For one thing, Project Blue Beam technology was to have been already carried out... it was ready to be implemented in the late 1980's... and still is ready... Yet, this has been delayed for some inexplicable reason... Pope John XXIII in 1962, predicted the appearance of Christ over New York City in the year 2000 by Blue Beam holographic technology and, as a introductory measure, that "heavenly visitors" no later than 1995, would instruct the world by sharing other planetary knowledge of peace and harmony to earthlings, and  would not look human, but in other words, space-type aliens. In addition, the  rest of the complete formation of the New World Order was to have been also completed by and in the year 2000 (what documented this was Jack McLamb's book, Vampire 2000). The Year 2000 also had been planned nearly 200 years ago as a "drop dead" target date. Even the Catholic Pope John Paul II, looking forward to his role in the New World Order, stated in the early 1990's :

 "By the end of the decade ( the year 2000), we will live under the First World Government. A Government that will decide the basic issues of human survival (i.e., "who lives and who dies"). One World Government is INEVITABLE." But it didn't happen in the year 2000 and John Paul II that did not survive to see the much heralded New World Order in place, and his expanded role in it !

In addition, the scenario of the War of Armageddon and final Battle in the Valley of Megiddo was also predicted to be happening in the 1982 "Feast," by the year 2000. However, despite such preparations, the "Rich Men" have received contrary instructions that have overridden such plans. Indeed, the whole Middle East situation is just sitting there simmering, as it appears on the surface that everything is in place for Armageddon...
But  not so fast !...
Evil Spirits and Satan have many conflicts with Christ and feel that He is an Usurper, ...yet seek accommodation with God,... particularly in the area of unfulfilled prophecy. The Bible states that Satan and his evil spirits "fear God and tremble" (James 2:19b). Moreover, the "Rich Men" take pride in their knowledge of Bible Prophecy and seek to imitate it as a measure to gain spiritual power and momentum by aligning their strategies and goals with Bible Prophecy. This is admitted by Peter Lemesurier  in his book, The Armageddon Script , in which he states  on  behalf of the New World Order, that " Bible Prophecy cannot be left to chance." 
What ...?...
Mr. Lemserurier in addition states...
> " Our future of the New World Order is too important to left to the mere throw of the prophetic dice...Only fools would persist in playing Russian Roulette with the Laws of Bible Prophecy."
> We need to know exactly just what the remaining Prophecies demand of us to fulfill them. Only then, after determining how best to satisfy those demands (compatible with their Luciferian Agenda ) can we arrive at an eventual Plan of Action."
It now appears that the Dark Side is not quite up to speed on what is going on with God's Prophetic Time Table... After all,...as it takes a Prophet of God to know and discern this... which the Devil cannot,... as the "spirits of the prophets is subject to the Prophets" ( 1 Corinthians 14:32). Hence, "the secret of the Lord  (and His Word of Prophecy) is with them that Fear Him"  ... not those that Oppose God...(Psalms 25:14). And, "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he reveals His secrets unto His Servants, the Prophets" (Amos 3:7).
As a result, there is exponentially increasing disarray with the timetable and agenda of the New World Order, as that they are not in "synch" with what the Spirit of God in Prophecy  is doing. Such is the situation in the Middle East, where hidden prophecy is emerging from the little Book of Obadiah which is defining the future of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Nor is the Enemy aware altogether of the implications of the Coming Latter Rain Revival... as this cannot be stopped no matter how controlled they have popular Christianity straitjacketed in... This, among many other major Prophecies, at last count fifteen, which have to occur before the Agenda of the Rich Men can be supposedly realized and self-fulfilled by themselves, of which ONE of the Prophecies... is about their own DEMISE !
Hence, the current Feast of the Beast convocation will be unlike those in the past... In the next installment, I will examine further why.

Interview with Pastor Serracin

I was recently welcomed to the area and interviewed by Pastor Daisy Serracin and her assistant pastor , Brother Porfolio. She has pastored in the area for some 30 years. The following is what was said and may be of interest to readers:

 Pastor : Welcome to the area.                                                                      

Brother Spickard : Thanks. I am happy to be here. Photo... right>

Pastor : What brings you to Panama ?

 Spickard: I can share that with you and your fellowship in a personal testimony. I was led to leave the U.S.

Pastor:  Very well. What do you have to share with me  today ?

Spickard : Well, everyone has been told that we are in living in the "Last Days." But Paul said that the Last or Latter Days had already begun in his time. So, we have been living in this period for nearly 2000 years. Yet, the Bible speaks of a specific time period that is in the last part of the Latter Days or Last Days.

Pastor : Yes. Which is ? 

Spickard: This specific time period is known as the "End Times." Jesus mentioned this by implication. This period, or "End Times," concerns itself with a time era in which specific signs of Christ's Coming will be coming to pass, or fulfilled by Prophecy. The "End Times" is a unique period just before the Return of Christ.

Pastor: Well, yes, this is true. But I never had it described like this. Tell us more.

Spickard :  Jesus told us that these "End Times" would start to manifest when He gave the Parable of the Fig Tree. This is widely understood to mean that the Nation of Israel would be re-established and that the Jewish People would regain and re-populate their land once again. He also gave another indication of a more specific time.

Pastor: Yes, I am familiar with the Parable but what other indication are you referring to ?

Spickard: Jesus told about the Jewish People not only taking the land back, known as Israel, which happened in 1947-8, but also the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was only partially restored in 1948, one-third of it was still controlled by the nation of Jordan. Hence, Jesus implied in the Gospel of Luke that the Jews would control ALL of Jerusalem... this happened in  the Six-Day War in 1967. From that point on, the End Times have begun in earnest. The End Times are intimately connected with the End of the Times or CONTROL of the Gentiles as described by Christ in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 21, verse 24. 

Pastor: What does this mean,  that the Times of the Gentiles are Over ?

Spickard: It is really simple. It just means that the Gentiles are not in control of much of anything anymore...including their churches. For example, the U.S. Government and others are controlled by  what  Conspirologists call the  New World Order. This is what the Bible terms the "Rich Men." These "Rich Men" are spoken of and introduced in the Epistle of James as a powerful cabal and oligarchy.  Their agenda is a New World Order. These "Rich Men" are  Apostate Jewish special interests which  are actually anti-Jewish and are  also known as Frankists and Sabbateans. These people have infiltrated everything, they control, and for the most are, the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church. The last two U.S. Supreme Court Justices appointed are these apostate Jews, one a Sabbatean, and the other, a Frankist. They are pervasive in all governments everywhere. Another good example is the Hollywood film industry... the majority of people in this industry are neo-Jewish, or these New World Order apostate Jews. It is always surprising to me  how many of the actors are secretly these folks. You never find a Christian or someone with traditional or American values... they are all internationalists... or one worlders, with strange alternative ideas and sexual mores.

Pastor : That is all over my head. I have never heard of this. Will you speak at my Missionary Crusade Conference ?

Spickard: I would be delighted to speak at your Conference. Suffice to say, the End Times are all about Prophecy being fulfilled which Jesus spoke of as being "Signs of the Times." These signs are important to a people of faith, or specifically Christians. These Signs are specific to this age or time period known as the End Times. These signs are also important in that the People that Know and Observe them will have their faith strengthened in these End Times. Those that don't, their faith will fail, which will fulfill Luke 18:8.

 Pastor :  I have a radio program too, that is twice a week. Can you come on the radio program ?

 Spickard :  Yes, I can do that and my wife can translate what I say to your listeners.

Pastor: I would be pleased to have you on the radio program.

 Spickard : You know, Paul told Timothy, that in the very Last Days, or End Times, it would be "dangerous times." Luke 18:8 tells us that before Jesus returns that "finding faith in the earth" would something of a rare commodity. Yes, you have churches on every corner, for instance, in the United States, and plenty of churches here, but Jesus was not talking about edifices or buildings, but a living faith. These "signs" will be bringing a lot of changes on this earth.  You won't have to preach about fear of eternal punishment anymore... like the hell-fire preachers do... What is much more relevant and true, is that the Signs of the Times will bring in a fear of God that is "clean" as the Bible states. You will cause a lot of apprehension and fear as indicated in the follow-up prophecies of Christ in Luke (21:25-26). People will be moved to a fear of God when the Signs of the Times are present.

Pastor : This is wonderful about many Prophecies being fulfilled as Christ said before His Return.

Spickard :  Well,  when things get rolling, you will have no problem with people filling up your meetings if you have the present message of the Signs of the Times. After all, Jesus told us to look be able to discern the Signs of the Times in the Gospel and saying those that could not,... were religious hypocrites !   The Coming of Christ is not imminent ! There are at least fifteen prophecies to be fulfilled before the Return of Christ. We need to get people ready and their discernment working.

 Pastor : I think I will feature you as the main speaker at my Conference as we need to know more about this.

Spickard : Pastor, that is very kind, but you have just met me. Please go over my website and check out some of my materials that I have written. Also, pray about your decisions... you must have strong convictions of faith so that my message will reach the people as it takes faith to do the work of God. 

Pastor: Thanks for your time and remarks. I have something to think about and consider.

Spickard : Thank you for your interest and God Bless You. I hope to hear from you soon in regard to your events.

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