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January 2013 Prophecy Brief



 In my last Brief, I introduced several Illuminati "defectors" who have emerged to tell the masses about the work, influence, control and plan of the New World Order leaders.
They all have some sense of credibility, some much more than others. They may introduce some new concept or twist as to what the New World Order cabal called the Illuminati, or the Cult of the all-seeing eye, or International Bankers, the Grand Druid Council, the Jesuits, or the Rothschild dynasty, or the Powers That Be, or finally what the Bible simply terms as "the Rich Men."  They may warn of some financial meltdown; bank holiday; currency collapse; hyper-inflation of the U.S. Dollar; freak weather calamities; martial law in the United States; mass food shortages and starvation; civil unrest; disease pandemics; unnecessary vaccinations; foreign threats; draconian legislation affecting the freedoms of the American citizen, or some doomsday event such as the Mayan prophecies and warn of related disasters associated with that or certain date events such as "defector" Leo Zagami did in 2006 and 2007
Zagumi, who also used the pseudonym of "Hidden Hand," warned that the world would resemble the killing field of crazed Jim Jones' Jonestown in Guyana, when the Mayan prophecy would come to pass in 2012.  He warned that of a Illuminati plan to "harvest souls" and stated that the winter solstice of 2012 would headline a return of the "Lord of Harvest" in which such a "Lord," or Satan, would demand a "holocaust," or burnt offering, or sacrifice of souls.  
Obviously, this didn't happen.
Zagami also predicted that solar emissions in 2009-2010 would melt the ice caps and cause a dramatic rise in sea levels leaving  coastal cities inundated. He added too that, "Total Nazification would occur in Western countries by 2010 which would eventually become a 2012 civil war."   
He repeatedly told that people had about "six years to prepare...to wake up and fight for your right to stay free... please wake up and fight Satan or you will wake up in a nightmare one morning in December 2012."  
A review of the original interview and update is found recently on Henry Makow's website here at this link:
 Of course, none of these things ever happened as cited by Mr. Zagami, at least, on the timetable that he predicted, which has now expired
Since that is the case, why do folks like Makow even give Mr. Zagami "the time of day" and attempt to give him further credibility? Why re-hash interviews which give Zagami credibility that are clearly not true with statements of the "West being under complete Nazification," or Nazi-like fascism, which was predicted "to happen" two years ago and icecaps melting which was predicted "to happen" three years ago?  Who cares if Mr. Zagami still stands behind his "predictions" even though they are false with the timetables that he advocated?
Such claims suggest that Zagami is but "controlled opposition."
"Controlled Opposition agents" often give enough information to sound credible but after establishing a base of credibility become erratic and even irrational in giving out data that is shrill, hysterical, paranoid and wrong. The whole aim of this is to mislead the public by "crying wolf" and "that the sky is falling," until the masses are numbed with fear into inaction and mocked derisively by controlled media and national governments as "conspiracy nuts" and "potential trouble-makers."
This "controlled opposition" program, part of the COINTEL program of the 1960's and 1970's has been ongoing for over a generation. It is remarkably successful as there is absolutely no organized consensus among the public as to what the real truth is, or what the real threats are. 
Indeed, Zagami is called "controlled opposition" on several web and blogsites. Here is one site here by a Markus Allen that lists Zagami as such: 
While you are on Mr. Allen's website, you can read the rest of his list of controlled opposition types too. I have no disagreement with nor wish to amend any of the selections. 
And herein lies a problem with many of "defectors" of the Illuminati in which they give information that is either "dated," or used or introduced by others in which they borrow, or go into completely false spiels about "great tribulations," "emerging antichrists," "temple re-building," or other Jesuit contrived schemes emanating from the theories of Modern Dispensationalism teaching.
Modern Dispensationalism is an elaborate scheme originally devised as "futurism" by Jesuit leaders as a means to counter the truths of the great Protestant Reformation. In fact, this system of "futurism" was devised as a "Counter-Reformation" plan to combat the inroads of Protestant revelations concerning the Roman Catholic Church. 
Others like Greg Szymanski, who at first endorsed Mr. Zagami and his views, now expose him as an disinformation agent  for the New World Order hierarchy. 
I covered the Mayan prophecies in previous Briefs in 2010 and 2012. Here are the links here in which I attempted to bring clarity and reality to these ancient Yucatan Indian prophecies:
 At best, the Mayan prophecies tell of the emergence of an age in which a divine feminine principle will become more and more active from the point of their calculations of December 21, 2012. I covered this aspect in my January 2012 Brief, linked above, in which the reader may find interesting.  
Such defectors frequently refer to  "the Plan" of which "the Rich Men" have been adhering to for several generations in order to bring about an orderly transition to a Luciferian New World Order. Such a "Plan" has been formulating probably in a sophisticated and  organized scheme since the time of Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon's book, The New Atlantis, published in the 17th century, introduces this concept to the discerning public. In this written work, Bacon alludes to North America as being an integral part of the Plan and being the New Atlantis. Bacon published his work in an unfinished state or ending which is not unusual for  Occultist scientists who cite that the Tower of Babel, a touchstone for esoteric occult belief, was also left unfinished because of the judgment  or interference of Adonay, or Yahweh. For occultists, New Agers, Theosophists, Rosicrusians and others of similar ilk, the concept of a lost Atlantis is not legend, ....but absolute fact.  This "Plan" has been expanded on throughout time since by one or another Luciferian or occultic adept usually with "enlightened" ties with vehicles of advanced Freemasonry such as the Palladium Rite, or cults tied with Mystery Religion, such as Ordo Templi Orientis or the Process Church.
Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990), a notable Freemason philosopher whose ideas actually resemble mystical modern  Theosophy  and Rosicrucianism, gives quite a bit of illumination on this topic in his two esoteric books which have a wide private following. His signature work, The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928) pretty much outlines the "real" plan along with a more obscure and arcane book called The Secret Destiny of America (Los Angeles, CA 1944).
However, this aspect or origin of the "Plan" is never referred to by such defectors by those that  I have studied or have already listed in this topic. This shows that several of these defectors are not from the ranks of the top levels as the higher levels of the Illuminati are steeped into the Gnosticism and mysteries of the "Plan."
I will continue in the next Brief more about the "Plan." I will also talk about one "defector," who despite his trauma-based mind programming, divulged more truth than any of his ilk and paid the consequences for doing so.



 President-Elect Wastes No Time in Pursuing Goals in his Second   Term    of     Office


In my most recent Prophecy Brief, I predicted that, despite polls showing a dead heat, that the incumbent U.S. President would win re-election. I stated:
"The reasons for my thinking that Obama will be re-elected are many and I cannot go into all such in this small space. But I believe I am aware of the agenda.
          There are  several  things to be done by a President that does not have to worry about re-election or what the American people should think of him which he calls 'lexibility.' Mr.  Obama  has  a  full plate of globalist actions to task on the American citizen."

I further outlined what these changes would be as I wrote:

 "One, is either gun confiscation or near gun confiscation by draconian controls."

And, like clockwork, no more than 12 hours after being reelected, the President started-up the negotiation process for the UN Small Arms treaty and endorsed it with US support. A treaty that was 'tabled' during the election because it was too controversial. 

Here is the link confirming such:
What the content of this UN Small Arms treaty is about:

And what is next:

With now, the recent school shootings in Connecticut, the President is marshaling support to introduce further gun control measures. It is interesting how these "run amok" shootings, ever on the rise, have such timing in which to promote legislation to erode Constitutional rights and Second Amendment rights of the American citizen. 
This "running amok" phenomenon is totally a different topic and cannot be addressed in this article. But it is interesting to note that the first "running amok" scenario occurred in the same year that the Times of the Gentiles ceased. This phenomenon is also predicted by Bible End Time Prophecy. Thus, it will continue and continue to get worse. 
I continued:

"Still another, is the transfer of the U.S. private pension system into the U.S. Government   Social   Security   program.
This has already been proposed by a Rockefeller think tank to a Congressional
Committee as "private companies" cannot be trusted or solvent enough to handle the funds of retired Americans."

This was the current background information via this link:

With the vote rigging going on as planned to ensure the re-election of the President, he was able to in the last month, to start work on your pension funds:

Rebecca Davis, representative of the Pension Rights Center, testified to lawmakers  that  the  government  needs to get   involved  as "401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people."

This  is  socialist claptrap  to engineer class envy for non-producers, or "have-nots," who want what the "haves" have. But in reality, the Government is  the beneficiary of expanding their "Ponzi" scheme of their  retirement system.

However, the real plan is much more sophisticated as all major heists are.

Just as we now have Universal HealthCare, we will have a Universal Retirement System for EVERY American by  redistributing Pension payments "fairly and equitably" to all.

You can check out the proposal here:

The Pension fund systems combined in the US is estimated to be 20 Trillion Dollars.

This is a substantial target for Government thieves who are Socialists who wish to bring about "more change."

Just how long that redistributing your pension funds fairly and equitably will last until the U.S. Government becomes insolvent and steals the funding outright is about to the end of this decade in my estimation.

The New World Order wants your money as no stone will be unturned to do so. The confiscation of wealth in the United States is ongoing and systematic. There is still a good deal of confiscation left to do before the "final solution" is determined for the United States.

After all, both Presidents Bush said nearly the same identical words, both early in their respective administrations that:"We must transfer the wealth of America into more responsible hands."

In finishing my original article, I commented:
"In addition to this, is the continual guiding at the helm of implementing America's emerging "Security State.' The 'Genie' is out of the lamp on this and it will not be put back."
Last month just before Christmas, more than eighty Senators in the U.S. Senate voted to approve imprisonment, in an update of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), without due process or trial for American citizens. Any U.S. citizen who has been determined to have committed a "belligerent act" against the government of the United States can be victimized by this law provision. This was not the President, but the Senate who betrayed an oath of office to preserve the U.S. Constitution. Here is a corroborating link here:
Such persons can be now held in jail indefinitely without due process or habeas corpus and  "without trial." Could acts of belligerency include speaking out against the Government?
If so, if that is determined to be case sooner or later, freedom of speech is imperiled and complete tyranny in the U.S. is forthcoming. The prison system already in the U.S. is starting to resemble a Soviet Gulag and the inclusion of "political prisoners," or prisoners of conscience, will only confirm the worse of all fears in a formation of an extreme Security State in what was formerly "the land of the free,  and home of the brave."