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>  What is your privacy policy ?

I do not rent nor sell my mailing list.

> Why do you ask for financial support ? 

...HERE'S WHY... Though I am a  believer in this teaching, I have little to show for in this regard in this life, ..as what I have received, I freely give...  Paul the Apostle taught on this somewhat in his letters to the Corinthian Church in which he summed up that "they which preach the Gospel should get their living by the Gospel." In addition, this gives a further opportunity to a believer of certain blessings and added grace from God. Paul specifically addressed this by writing, " The point is this: whoever sows sparingly share also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each person must give as he has made up his mind to do so, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. As it is written, ' He has distributed freely, he has given to the less fortunate, his righteousness endures forever' " (2 Cor. 9:6-9 ESV). To date, I am impoverished as the Prophets of old of which they complained also, as absolutely so few are able to discern the work of the Spirit and support this work. Indeed, as of this writing, for years I have received nearly nothing... even for a prayer ministry which has had singular results... I have prayed exclusively for individuals in dire need and as soon as the crisis is resolved or removed by the Power of God... I never hear again from these folks.  In addition, I have counselled others in reply whether by letter or modern communication in equipping their faith but they lack works, such as gift giving, to make a lasting contribution to the results of their faith, which ends up lacking. And then, they wonder why that they are always in a state of burden, vexation and trouble.  It is a sad state of affairs for modern professors of Christianity, if indeed, there are that many. My father practically gave his "whole sustenance" for the People of God and he had been a wealthy man. Yet, he died almost a pauper except for God's provision. Fortunately, the source for blessing is not the "arm of the flesh," but the "Arm of the Lord." The availability of "free" information over the Internet, which is actually massive governmental disinformation, makes it difficult for folks to support a genuine ministry as they believe that they are "entitled" to free information and revelation. I mean, even a Bible costs money and no one complains about buying a Bible as it is still the best selling book in the world each year! Christian professors are missing many blessings and lacking revelation as a result in which they need extenuating grace to overcome the massive deception of the Age!

 >  Where do you get your information ?

I have studied Bible topics and Prophecy for over 40 years. Many of the insights offered have been revealed to me through the course of that study, prayer, and the teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit. It is by God's design that in these times, that current events are being "matched" with the fulfillment of Prophecy....we live in very interesting times...as the Chinese proverb states.

>  Why do you feel the need to do this ?

All Christians who operate a spiritual gift are encouraged to share to the edification of the Body of Christ, which is the only church that the New Testament recognizes. Christ implied in the Gospels, that those that believe on Him should be aware of what Prophetic Time that they live in ( Luke 12: 54-56 ; Matthew 16:2-4). I exercise spiritual gifts of Prophecy, Knowledge, and Wisdom among others (1 Cor. 12:7-11), and wish to inform the reader in interpreting the "Signs of the Times" of the present Age.

 >  What is your personal background ?

I was born and raised in the United States, but now live in Panama. I have lived in several regions of the United States. My family lineage on both sides of my parentage hail from a long line of ministers and persons of faith. My father was called to a Prophetic ministry when a very young man, when he was chosen to undergo a fast of a 40-day duration. He was regarded, though very young, as a sort of Pioneer in the Pentecostal Movement at the turn of the 20th Century. He met and was acquainted with, several of the principals of that Movement.

                                      My mother engaged herself in the same work: writing two books and involved in radio ministry.

As a young man, I felt the calling of God and was "born again" as according to the Scripture ( John 3:5), of the water and of the Spirit. I have been a faithful witness and been in ministry as like Simeon and Anna (Luke 3:25-37). In 2001, an event gave me a conviction of faith to do what I am doing now. I am an obscure figure, as noted elsewhere on this website, and have no formal training save that of the Holy Spirit. I freely exercise my gifts that God has endowed me with to the blessing of others. I am available to speak and minister when opportunity permits.

>  Why do you live in Panama now ?

My convictions were to leave the United States seven years ago. However, I may return. The United States is not mentioned in Prophecy.... Thus, in its present form, the United States is not relevant to Bible Prophecy or to the very "Last, or Latter Days" of the present Age. The United States is in rapid decline. How rapid? I wrote much ot this content in December 2007, and in seven years, the changes have been amazing

>  What then is the future of the United States ?

After a period of gradualism, or gradual but persistent change, it will undergo startling and radical changes. The United States, as we know it, will no longer be in the present form that it exists today. It will not be a Superpower Nation, but rather a amalgamation of regional protectorates or smaller city-states, as the Bible implies.  It's role, if any, will be greatly reduced in the world.

>  What makes you think that we are in the "Very" Last Days or "End Times" ?

 For nearly 50 years, a NEW Prophetic Time Clock has been ticking ! It is going to take a great deal of faith and equilibrium to keep up with the many changes that are not only ongoing...but will be increasing exponentially... Many of these changes are a result of the Gentile Era being over, which the entire Church World is totally unaware of ...This only demonstrates their spiritual blindness (Rev. 3:18c)...and the resulting lack of confidence in it by the grassroots public in these religious institutions, as these religious institutions  are out-dated, out-moded, and obsolete. A new living worship is coming which Jesus talked about (John 4:24), which will make faith a living and vibrant life, instead of dead formality and lifeless and meaningless ritual.

> You write a lot about "signs and wonders," or healings and miracles or spiritual manifestations ; Why do you stress these things when there is little evidence of these things working in the Church ?

The Apostle Paul taught a "New Testament Minister" must have ability with, not only in presenting the "letter," or that which is written as representing the Word of God, but also the power of the Holy Spirit, which will CONFIRM what is, the "Word of God" (1 Corinthians 3:6). Jesus taught the same to the Woman at Sychar, that the Spirit and the Truth (Word of God) go together (John 4:24). Those preaching the Word of God must be sufficient solely from the Holy Spirit...not themselves...and fully preach the Gospel with that ability from the power of the Holy Spirit as Paul also said to the Church at Rome (Romans 15:19). Anyone who does not preach by the Power of the Holy Spirit with Signs Following, or the manifestation of the Spirit, is not a genuine "New Testament" minister. The lack of such, only shows the Apostasy of the historic Church from the Early Church model, and its lack of legitimacy from God, as evidenced by its' lack of witness by the Holy Spirit. However, there is such a dearth of genuine faith, that such works, or signs and wonders, seem impossible to implement. We do have God's Promise that this will change.

> What is the difference between the Prayer of Faith and the use of Gifts: Healing, Faith, Miracles... in seeking divine healing from God ?

The use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in facilitating Divine healing is usually dramatic and immediate results. These manifestations of the Spirit are given as a "witness" to greatly intensify the effects of the work of the Holy Spirit among the populace (see Philip in Acts 8). The "Prayer of Faith" was introduced by the Apostle James (James 5:14-15). It suggests that this option is available when there are no "sign" gifts or persons, having such gifts, present in the Fellowship. It implies that the healings derived from this are more gradual in nature and depends more upon the constancy of prayer and faith as the context states. I cover this some in my Prayer Request page also, click here.

> Why do not more people receive Divine Healing ? 

Despite the testimony of the Scriptures that "Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever," and the many promises of Divine Healing in the Scripture, there is a substantial lack of faith necessary to secure God's Blessing in this respect. Primarily, this is due to not meeting the specific conditions outlined in God's Word... which is true for all of God's promises. Some of the conditions not being met are: Lack of confession of sins; Unforgiveness toward others; Unbelief, or too "little faith," and/or "easy believism"; Not seeking God; Lack of consecration, lack of Importunacy in prayer, or inconsistent or no prayer ministry to God. I wish that I had the funding to write a book on this subject, as one is absolutely and sorely needed.

> What is the "Way of Salvation ?"

This exact question was asked Peter on the Day of Pentecost. In response to this question, Peter did not pass out "crusade literature"...he did not issue an "altar call"...he did not lead them in repeating the so-called "Sinner's Prayer." Nor did Peter ask them to make a "decision for Christ," or for them to "accept Jesus as their Savior," or to "let Jesus come into their hearts" (whatever that is ?)...These are formulas and shortcuts devised by man that are not even Biblical and have been only developed in the last 150 years ! These formulas and shortcuts were not used in the Early Church ! No... what Peter told them is recorded in Acts 2:38... and this still holds true today despite the confusion and apostasy of the Church. You can read more about this in my "Bible Teachings" page on this website under the heading "Spickard on.... Being Born Again." Click here.

>  When is the approximate time of Christ's Return ?

Christ will Return during the War of Armageddon. As an aside, no one will be spared from the effects of this worldwide upheaval...it will be in every country and nation, with the notable exception of Russia. Russia, due to its unique brand of Autocracy, which is emerging once again, should exhibit enough control of its populace to avoid polarizing certain segments of it. The Russian people seem most comfortable with autocratic rule as shown by their history. This  quality  is strongly implied by Bible Prophecy. Democracy, besides being vastly overrated (the Founding Fathers of the United States had a good deal of contempt for it...as they founded a Constitutional Republic...not a Constitutional Democracy...And if you are an American, and do not understand the difference between the "two," it is far too late now to change this : this was the main reason the American Civil War was fought...), will never work in a nation like Russia. In addition, Russia will have her hands full with Israel.

How soon is the War of Armageddon to start ?

In my estimation, it could be as much as 50 years away. However speculative this subject may seem, the War of Armageddon is certainly NOT imminent. There are yet too many things that need to happen before Armageddon occurs.

What are some of the things that need to happen ?

You can buy my book to learn more. Follow this link: MY NEW BOOK...

>  You have made no mention of the popular dispensationalist teaching of the "Rapture." Why?

It is not a Biblical doctrine. This theory is a focal point of Dispensationalism. Dispensationalism  is a doctrinal system advanced by an Elite cabal to control and divide popular Christendom. This theory has succeeded without measure in Evangelical Christianity. Millions of Evangelical Christians have been reduced to believing, as Paul warned, "fables."

>  How much time longer for the United States to remain a constitutional democracy before these changes you are talking about take place ?

I cannot estimate accurately (although the year period of 2020-2023 looks interesting). I am updating this in July, 2014. Certain conditions have yet to be met in the United States for the "Dark Hierarchy" to decide when to "pull the plug." But I would say that these "conditions" will take only a few years yet to fulfill for the U.S. in its present government. However, every U.S. President since Richard Nixon has to an extent, been prepared to "guide" the United States into the New World Order. Let me state this emphatically: Timing is very important to the Dark Side. False starts will be not be tolerated as Mr. Nixon found out. Preparations and policies are implemented, practically daily by the Powers That Be, in which the United States will reach a "tipping point" that cannot be altered. Once this is done... pandemonium will be rule of the day. A "perfect storm" of outcomes and incidents will occur in mind-numbing succession of rapid speed. The Occult Hierarchy has important plans for the future of the United States...after a catharsis of events...  but things will not be implemented as they have planned, for centuries, to occur as they think. Here is some cryptic language from me to them: The phoenix will not rise. 

> Do you have some good news ?

Yes. This world is undergoing birth pangs for the transformation of this world into the Kingdom of God under the Rule and Reign of Jesus Christ. This Kingdom of God is the very Gospel, or "Good News," that Christ and His Disciples preached that make up the text of the New Testament. Soon, human suffering as we know it will be over...as Christ will usher in this Kingdom by His Return, after all these "Signs of the Times" have been fulfilled.