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                           For Those wishing to contribute to my work

                              please contact me via email. Thank you.


                               NOTE :   I   am   not   able   to   solicit   credit   card   donations   on   my   Store

                         check-out as I do not have a 5013c tax exemption as it is against my convictions

                     in regard to the Separation of Church and State.  Thus, I cannot offer a tax deduction

                     for  such  gifts.  I  believe  it  is  Morally Wrong   and  an  Moral  Outrage   for  Religious 

                    Institutions  to  claim   tax  exemptions  when being  subsidized  by  the  General  Public 

                 at  Taxpayer  expense.... especially   with   the  current  economic   plight  !    Indeed,  JESUS 

                 and  PETER   both   paid   taxes  and  this  should be the proper pattern for the True People

                 of God ,  and not basking in wealth, riches, and ornate edifices and effects  while  there

                is  so  much  human  suffering  and  need.   For Further Comments of mine on this subject...

                 check this link 


                                                   Thank you for your understanding and faithfulness. 





Increase your Faith, Know the Signs of the Times