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Dear Reader,

                               Several years ago, I published, for a period of four years, a subscription Newsletter. This had some small success and led to the present website. These newsletters contain invaluable information on Prophecy topics. I tried to unsuccessfully to self-publish many of these newsletters into book formats formerly on this website. Presently, I am waiting for the leading of the Holy Spirit to further determine how to present these various topics effectively as the expense in doing so is prohibitive with my current resources. Those interested in my past Newsletter formats can purchase these in a note binder form in which the original is still available. These are still very timely and require no editing presently. I am planning on adding two more important topics soon.

You can click on the title for a more detailed blurb. They are as follows:


                                        $ 30.00


I admit that these offerings are not inexpensive. Proprietary Knowledge is not cheap...I have a life's work in developing information on  the Prophetic  End Times and other Bible subjects  based on spiritual gifts. This proprietary information is exclusive and not available elsewhere... ethically. By the gift of prophecy, I am able to interpret current events for the reader and show that we are living in the End Times by the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in "real-time."

 I will send each publication by 2-3 day shipping by DHL from Panama. The cost of shipping and handling is $ 75.00 USD.  Those who have prayer requests, it is a service as shown by the Bible to be without charge but such ministry is dependent upon the support of its constituents (Acts 20:33-35). I enjoy the exercise of Prayer. I can give consultation or advice on the practice of Prayer as it is the most valuable gift man can obtain from a Living God. It is the only means to develop spiritual intimacy with God, through Jesus Christ. I am not sure how anyone can be Saved without Prevailing Prayer. I have had many miraculous answers to Prayer in the face of Impossible Odds. Yet, that is when God is MOST LIKELY to INTERVENE... as truly, ... man's extremity is God's Opportunity !

We ABSOLUTELY serve a Great and Powerful God. I wish I could instill this conviction of faith by revelation in the heart of everyone. Amen. 

 Please contact me by email elsewhere on this website to obtain any of my materials.                                                                                                                                                                                              Joseph Spickard