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ARE THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES OVER ? ..What does this Mean ?...


Since  1967,... a  new  Prophetic Timeclock  has  been  ticking !  We  are  now  in  the very last part of the Last Days, termed   " The Endtime." Startling new information you will  not  hear  about  nor  read from the "church  of  your choice."  A  New Prophetic Countdown is here !  Have the Gentiles lost control of the city of Jerusalem ? Have they lost control of their Church ?  Have  they  lost  control  of  their  governments, institutions and systems ? If  so, who  is  calling  the shots now ? Are there more Wars ? Climate Changes ?  Changes of all sorts and ilks ?  Can  we  keep  up  with  all  these  effects  and  not  lose  our  faith  and  our sanity ? Is  God's Timeclock for the Endtime  being  ramped  up  exponentially ?  Hold on to  your  hats ... it  is  going  to  be  a  wild  ride ! ... Updated with New Information... !


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